Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Safe Travels

*the above statue can be purchased at Lucky Mojo Curio Co.*
*only a partial listing of supplies used pictured here*

Protection Powder, Eucalyptus, Mugwort, and other herbs used for Protection sprinkled under both the front and rear floor mats

To top it all off... I took a spray bottle with Florida Water in it and sprayed my tires, then anointed them with St. Michael Archangel Oil in the sign of the cross on each one.


  1. An excellent blog Love! Proud of you girl! Keep up the great work and studying.

  2. Thank you both for your input and praise :) It is most appreciated and its an honor coming from seasoned conjure workers such as yourselves.

  3. The very first car I bought 20 something year ago, I found a gideon bible in the glove box with a bay leaf pressed into it at Psalm 23 and every time I get a new car I transfer that little Bible to the new glove compartment. I've never had an accident (knocks on wood).

  4. That's brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing Dean :)

  5. Love the evil eye amulet-thanks for the idea :) Every so often I put Fiery Wall sachet under the floor mats and anoint the tires with Fiery Wall oil. I like the St. Michael oil too-thanks for another great idea :)