Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone! May you all be beyond blessed :)

Love Potion #9

Monday, December 24, 2012

A "Sacred" Space *Contest Time*

*It's Contest Time*
Share this on your Facebook and let me know that you did, to enter a chance to win a package of handmade Prosperity Bath Salts from The Sacred Well to ring in the New Year right!
*No purchase Necessary*

Just recently I had the pleasure to check out one of the more local metaphysical shops in the East Bay area of Oakland California.

I had seen and heard about this shop, The Sacred Well, on Facebook initially and had "friends in common" with 2 of the employees there. Ironically I became friends with one of them, Grey Wolf, before ever stepping foot into his store. Crazy right? That's how I roll


While I gravitate towards the "Traditional Hoodoo" practice and it's items, I cannot tell you how beautiful and peaceful this place, this space, and the people were. It was like walking into "Zen". I'm convinced they have Xanax or Lithium piped into the air there

I was first met and greeted by Grey Wolf as I was there to do an "exchange" of cards if you will. I had an extra deck he was interested in and he offered a deck of my choosing in trade. Let me just tell you... this is THE PLACE to be for Tarot Decks. It was a visual overload. I can't cannot do it justice in words so I will let the following picture do it for me....

Believe it or not... that is not all they had in that store! It was like they were part "Rabbit".... Decks everywhere! Multiplying right before your very eyes... in every corner. You get the picture?
And in keeping with that "theme" *ahem*.... I chose the Dakini Oracle ;)

You can read more about that Oracle here:http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/tantric-dakini-oracle/

The soothing fountain found in the front of the store... I LOVE the natural stones used. Would have tried to take that home with me too but I think they would have noticed it missing *shucks*

Gem Stones, Candles, Books, Herbs, Oils, Elixers... the goodies go on and on here!  

They also offer classes in Tarot and Astrology in which I am interested in partaking myself. Monthly classes are offered in what appears to be Wiccan/Pagan Traditions that can be found on their website.
Readings are also available too!: http://www.sacredwell.com/readings-and-services?zenid=8b6792c4ef517440edf61e9791d89e8a

 One of the first things I gravitated towards and Boy let me tell you.... I wanted to dive into that drawer of gems! Soooo Soothing to touch and the colors were incredible! I bought 2 to place on my altar at home :)
I figure if they made me that happy to have, my spirits would be just as pleased.

More "gemmy" goodness

What I really liked about this shop is that they host a "Community Altar", a small peaceful space where you can light your candles & incense, meditate, pray, chant... it really is incredible.

Inside the Community Altar
My most favorite part of Conjure work is of course Candles... Lots and lots of yummy yummy candles.
The Sacred Well did not disappoint! They had your traditional glass encased vigils in all colors, figural, and tapers too. But what really sets them apart from the rest are the "custom designed" vigil labels that the staff make there in the shop.
I just about fainted when I saw them and Good Lord Almighty... WHY did y'all have to have soooo many that I wanted?! I mean come on here... I don't have enough room or money to buy Every. Single. One.
Feast your eyes folks!.... Makes my heart skip a beat

The Employee Candle Altar. They all hand designed their own lables on these vigils!
Something you don't see every day... Orisha Candles. These were hand designed by Grey Wolf himself!
Simply Elegant if you ask me

Oh and I squealed with utter delight when casting my eyes upon this:

Lucky Mojo Curio Co. In Da House!!! Represent!!! and I do like the Motor City conjure candles too :) But as everyone should know by now, I am a loyal Lucky Mojo Curio Co. Fan... so loyal I put a German Sheperd to shame. Moving on...
I couldn't help myself by being in a shop like this, and with candles like that... I just HAD to make some for myself :)
Grey Wolf helped me out by showing me around the Candle Station where folks can choose their own candles, dress, and bless them all on their own. So I put my many observations of others preparing my candles in the past to good use :)
Candle Station
Who couldn't use a little Love in their life?
My 2 vigils I blessed and dressed. I couldn't resist that "Protection" candle. That dog is too precious!
Oh and Look here... more Tarot cards!

Ok Ladies... if cards and candles aren't your thing... Then feast your eyes on these beauties!
Just look at that amazing quartz crystal!
I can hear the sales of Kleenex skyrocketing from all the drooling going on here

*Back off Ladies... These are MINE lol*
Oh wait... what's this? Can it be?... right next to some Money Drawing Oils?
YES... I bought the Tiny Tarot. Couldn't help myself
I have taken a ton of photos of this place but one really does need to visit in person to truly experience it's magical feel. I can't believe I haven't visited here sooner! This procrastination thing I had going this year has got to stop...
I'm pretty sure they had some "Stop Procrastinating" Oils or Incense around there somewhere...
Maybe a natural stone to combat that could be found here?:

Or maybe here?:

OH... and don't let me forget about thier Mojo Hand making station... One can drop on in and make a simple Mojo Bag for Love, Money, Attraction, Protection right there in the shop!

After about an hour or so, and a 20% battery life left on my iPhone, I gathered my "loot".
Not only did I get to learn about some of the various gem stones they had there and classes offered, but I made 2 new friends in the mix :) Grey Wolf, and AstroBarry. Two of THE NICEST people you could ever meet! They would probably give you a kidney on site if you needed it.

And I had an OMG moment in the store because not only did Grey Wolf know who I was via Facebook and being one of Cat's students, but he is also a reader of my blog! Even said that he thinks all Cat's students should read it...*insert toe curling girl squeal here*
In having their shop blogged about, they were all for me promoting some of their products to be "won".
I got to choose an item I felt was fitting and they generously donated it :)
So here it is folks.... My Blog Pick and my Birthday Gift to You!

and NO these are not the kind of "Bath Salts" you are thinking of...lol

You all know the "rules" but in case you don't, all you need to do is share this blog post on your facebook and tell me that you did by writing "shared" on my status update I will provide; ultimately leads one to this very fabulous posting on my new friends and favorite local shop "The Sacred Well".

Show them some love and support your local shops! I know I did :)

Now if I could only get my hands on this masterpiece!.... Ohhh how I want this!
Once again.. mitts off! It's going to be MINE... someday

Best of luck to all who enter!
The winner will be chosen and announced on the 26th.
Love Potion #9 now Coastside Conjure

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Spiritual Nudge

Earlier this month a friend of mine on Facebook was sending out an APB on giving readings as she is wanting to gain some practice at them. Something for which I will be doing here in the new year myself...

Her readings were Career/Job focused and of course I just had to partake!

Here is what my reading said:

"Ok Coastside
Here is your Life Spread. This is what the universe wants you to know today.
The first card in your spread is the Writer card.
People look to writers for truth. You are accustomed to having other voices in your head. You may be sitting alone and have someone strike up a conversation with you internally. You may be out walking and hear the first line of a novel present itself. You could be with friends, having a good time, when suddenly a book title will fly into your head.
Divine creativity comes in burst. You may go for months, even years without writing, but then suddenly find yourself unable to stop the words from flowing. You may awaken from the middle of a deep sleep to the voice of a character demanding your attention or with your head churning with thoughts and words that you cannot stop.
Writers carry a sacred duty, as your words can influence people throughout eternity. When the universe reaches out to you, you must listen!
Make friends with your creativity because it is an inextricable part of you as much as your own head and heart. You must make way for the sacred to take form in your life.
The Writer card calls you to listen to the Universal voice within you and to express this through writing. This card is a sign that you must write for a living or produce written works that have a commercial purpose.
Don’t judge what these voices may ultimately mean to you, but let them move through you. You greatest method of obtaining clarity for yourself and others is through writing your thoughts, feelings and conflicts. Journaling is also a manner of scared writing, for it connects you to yourself and to your Source.
The next card in your spread is the Motivator. Motivators inspire others to go beyond what they believe is possible. You possess the spark creativity, and are able to ignite the flames of passion and purpose within all you encounter. Some Motivators become self-help authors and motivational speakers. But million more live ordinary lives, continually inspiring others through their extraordinary faith, courage and optimism.
You refuse to accept anything that conflicts with your idea of how your life should be and will quickly work to change anything that is not to your liking. In this way, you encourage others by overcoming your own struggles and living a life of happiness and purpose. You are programmed by the Universe to always see the best in people and situations. You can be very hard on yourself and those around you, expecting perfection. It is important that you remember to pace yourself so that the brightly buring flame within does not cause you to burn out.
Every motivator needs to spark their internal flame from time to time. Give yourself permission to receive as much inspiration and motivation that you give. Pray, meditate, listen to comforting music and let your spirits soar.
The last card in your spread is the Media Maven. The Media Maven card governs books, publishing, advertising and marketing. It represents mass communication and includes newspapers, TV, radio, websites, blogs and such.
This is the card of communicating in a major way and supporting a free voice for the people to shout their truths when the time is right. This is the card of ‘taking your message to the streets’. It can indicate a career in the media, or that it is time for you to engage in a media campaign you own. There is no larger or more powerful platform that wisely using the mass media to spread your words of love and wisdom. Choose your words wisely for they will have tremendous impact once they are carried out across the planet and beyond.
That is what the universe wants you to know today. Let me know your thoughts on this spread or if you have any questions.

      Well... it looks as though I may be in the RIGHT path for once in my life and I am enjoying it greatly.
      I took Miss Julie's reading to heart and collaborated with another friend to now launch my own website!

      Yes folks, My very own website! It is bare bones right now as the holidays take precedence over anything else at the moment, graphics, and goodies are to come soon after the new year with the help of Matt my I.T. Web Page Developing Wizard and Dr. C with his graphics that are bar none to any ones out there!

      With that, next year this blog will have a fancy new place to call home :)

      The official unveiling will happen later but I now own www.CoastsideConjure.com thanks to Matt for the "web design wizardry", and Thanks to Miss Julie for giving me the "Spiritual Green Light" to move to do something greater with my writings :)

      My blog will be there, the contests will continue as always, and who knows?... maybe even some products!

      Miss Julie can be found at: http://www.missjuliev.com/
      Happy Holidays everyone!

      Love Potion #9

      Saturday, December 22, 2012

      Newsletter Pics Take Two!

      WooHoo!!! I did it again! My pics made the Lucky Mojo Curio Co. Newsletter...

      And in my favorite month of December *Beaming* As Cat & Nagasiva call it; I Dominate the Weirdness"

      I dig that! :)


      Love Potion #9

      Sunday, December 16, 2012

      My Mysterious Mojo

      Years ago, in the late 80's, 1986 to be exact, I went to New Orleans with my parents on one of those "wacky vacation trips" we all take as kids.
      Think the "Griswalds" in Irish form. Scary thought isn't it?

      As with all vacation traditions I got to choose 1 souvenir from my travels. Initially I wanted a Voodoo Doll but my mom vetoed that idea so I picked a mojo bag with what I saw as a Nun with no mouth.

      Again my mom questioned my choice but when I showed her that it had a "Nun" on it, she gave in and purchased it for me. I come from a pretty devout Catholic family so this sort of thing was pretty "taboo".
      My mom could recite the whole Catholic Mass in Latin. It's pretty impressive!
      I think the "Nun" was the green light for her and it appeared pretty harmless so off I went with my "Nun Bag".

      Of course I didn't care to read what it was really intended for initially, I just loved the fact that it had a Nun with a Cross on it. The absence of a mouth fascinated me, where it caused my mom to raise an eyebrow.
      After reading what the bag was used for, I explained to her that "of course the Nun had no mouth.. Did you ever hear of a Nun speaking badly of anyone? Mom.... that's a Sin!"

      *this ingredient panel was slightly deceiving*

      Brief Factoid about myself: I wanted to be a Nun growing up, and was pretty serious about it until my very early 20's. That's when the "Material World" and the "Sins of the Flesh" made it too big of temptation.
      So here I am, a common sinner I guess.

      I blame "Eve", the apple, and "The Snake". "Adam" was just an idiot IMO.  Moving On.

      This bag has been largely stored and packed around in boxes for years, until I decided to unearth it and bring it to Cat Yronwode to gut it and tell me what really was inside.

      What first intrigued me was the way the bag was stitched together as the mojo bags seen today are fashioned differently. From what I understand, this was just another way of sewing them together. Nothing "old school" or "traditional" in case you are wondering.

      According to Miss Cat, here was what she found to be inside:

      A piece of dried Tongue (most likely Cow's) folded and stitched together (fascinating!)
      A piece of Dragon's Blood Resin
      A piece of Blood Root
      Misc. seeds... possibly Daisy for "Daisy's Don't Tell" and Agar Agar for "Invisibility when working against someone"
      A bit of Irish Moss

      No "gems" were ever found in the mix. We think they may have fallen out of the bag somewhere down the line as it did not close/seal shut all the way.

      Miss Cat was more interested in the possible "origin/history" behind the name of the bag "Papa LaBrea".
      She equated it to possibly being LaBrea --> Tar (LaBrea Tar Pits) --> Tar Baby? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tar-Baby

      Although my favorite part of the evening was the discussion on the amulet that I adored so much.
      I saw a "Nun sans mouth" and Miss Cat saw an Incan Woman who possibly converted to Christianity; showing "conversion".
      The word of the night was "Nunish-ness" when describing this piece.
      Should anyone recognize this image, I would be very interested in knowing the actual history and meaning behind it. 
      What Miss Cat did find on the amulet itself was the pendant of the nun stamped with MWFP on the back, was made by Master Works Fine Pewter. They made figurines and pendants during the 1980s ad early 1990s, located out of Albuquerque, NM.
      Other than that, the history still remains a mystery.


      I wanted to replace the contents of this mojo bag with something better so I purchased a lovely black deer skin bag from Lucky Mojo to "re home" it if you will, and gave the original bag to Miss Cat as she seemed interested in having it. It will be a part of Y.I.P.P.I.E. (you can read all about that by clicking the above link provided below the photo), and my "improved" mojo bag will be on display at the 2013 Missionary Independent Spiritual Hoodoo Workshops: http://missionaryindependent.org/workshops.html

      I still have to stitch the amulet to the bag itself and add a few more "goodies" to update it a bit. But it will certainly be a sight to see in the upcoming year :)

      Thank You Miss Cat for taking the time out to helping me discover the origins and ingredients of my souvenir from NOLA.

      Love Potion #9

      Saturday, December 15, 2012

      Pomp & Conjure Circumstance

      A long awaited time has finally come to pass... my "graduation" from Miss Cat Yronwode's Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course; as of Friday Dec. 9, 2012.

      That week leading up to that day was the LONGEST in my life.. I swear. But there was also a big part of me that felt kind of sad.

      *my last 2 homework submissions*

      Sad that in the fact that I was no longer going to be an official student, sad that I was feeling kind of like a baby bird being pushed out of the nest, and especially sad that I had to let go of my 2 precious assignments that I was particularly proud of; my Evil Eye Protection Mojo Bag and matching Oil.

      *breathtaking aren't they?*
      Ok.. the "baby bird" analogy was a bit much but one cannot know their full potential unless forced to fly on their own at some point.
      However!... There is the Apprenticeships that I still have yet to take and most certainly will be attending.
       I am most definitely excited to partake in more schooling from Miss Cat and her amazing staff doing hands on learning right there in the shop :)

      *Always a Silver Lining. You just have to look for it!*

      *I darn near cried just then*


       When the time came, and Nagasiva had set my 2 white boxes containing my homework submissions in front of Miss Cat, I got a lump in my throat and was pretty nervous as this was my "make it or break it" moment.

      My pass or fail all hinged on Miss Cat's discerning opinion, for which I regard highly. Obviously.
      So when she had commented so graciously on my oil, verbally and on paper, I was just stunned. I HAD to take a pic of it, I was so proud. I had to take a few as I was a little shaky from being so excited :)

      Yes I know, I make a big damn deal out of something that most wouldn't be THIS ecstatic over, but this is genuine for me.
      As I have stated before, Miss Cat really helped me help myself out of a time in my life where everything was getting bleak really fast, and I felt suffocated.

      She was patient and kind to me, and was there to help guide and teach me inside and out of her correspondence course. I really wanted to in a sense make her proud. That I wasn't going to be one of those students that didn't take pride in their work, that didn't take their studies seriously, or did half-assed hoodoo.


      I'm a true Capricorn, it doesn't work that way for me. Oh and I am very "Type A" if you couldn't already tell.

      Not only did I pass, but I also got to applaud my own commencement. That felt a little conceited and weird of me to do, but oh well :)
      As an added bonus as a graduate, I can now use the "Certified Practitioner" logo on my avatar/logo/profile pic.

      "Using "Certified Practitioner" Badges here -- and elsewhere.

      Postby catherineyronwode » Sun Sep 04, 2011 9:23 am
      I know that not everyone who takes my course has an interest in becoming a professional reader or rootworker, and what follows is written primarily for those who have set their sights on earning a living as conjure doctors.


      The word "certificate" refers to the paper certificates i give to those who complete my course.

      I also give certificates to those who have completed my three-week hands-on Apprenticeship program.

      I wish to make it very clear, because angry and jealous voices have stated that i claim otherwise, that a graduation certificate from the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course or Apprenticeship Program carries no implication that i claim to "certify" a root doctor's personal spiritual work or his natural gifts from Spirit.


      When Lara Rivera was paid to design the Lucky Mojo Forum, she wanted to make a way for moderators (all of whom are HRCC grads) and non-moderators (some of whom who are HRCC grads) to be identified, should they choose to be identified as such in the forum, as credible responders rather than just other newbies to hoodoo or inexperienced mages.

      She created -- and i approved -- the "Certified Practitioner" logo badges that a number of course graduates and moderators use as avatars or as a portion of their avatars at the Lucky Mojo Forum.

      Anyone who is an HRCC grad can use this badge at the Lucky Mojo Forum -- or on their personal web pages. No one is required to.

      In other words, the Lucky Mojo "certified practitioner" Forum and web page badges are for optional use by all course grads at the forum for two reasons:

      (1) The badges help newbies distinguish replies to their questions as coming from helpers with a sound knowledge base (e.g. course grads) versus coming from random fellow-newbies.

      (2) Forum badges do not imply matriculation in any sort of program for certification of gifts of the spirit, such as might be conveyed by a License to Preach the Gospel, Ordination as a Minister, or graduation as a Doctor of Divinity, but they help my students build their reputations in the field through visual identification in a forum that is home to literally thousands of prospective clients; thus the badges were approved by me for my grads to combine with their personal avatars as part of a long-term career-building strategy for those who intend to become professional rootworkers.


      The term "certified practitioner" is used at the AIRR site to Indicate that the worker has achieved a known standard of proficiency in conjure by graduating from the HRCC program and that we as a group believe the worker to be conducting his or her root doctoring business in accord with our stated ethical and moral standards. It is important to note that AIRR certifies that the worker's *business skills* and *business practices* -- the way the worker interacts with clients who seek readings via email and telephone -- are up to our standards.

      Again, there is no implication that AIRR somehow claims to "certify" anyone's natural gifts of the spirit.


      Nothing is more discouraging to a novice worker than to hang out a shingle and get no clients. I would like to help you jump that hurdle.

      1) I encourage my grads who wish to apply to AIRR once they have the requisite two years of rootworking experience to use the "Certified Practitioner" badges and also to become mods at the Lucky Mojo Forum in order to attract the notice of potential clients, so that when you join AIRR, you will have a good potential client-base through prior contacts at the 5,000-member Lucky Mojo Forum. By working for a year or two within the give-and-take of the Lucky Mojo Forum (and other forums as well, including MyHoodooSpace and OldStyleConjure) you will become known to potential clients.

      2) By keeping one single uniform professional-name or real-name presence at all public sites, including the Lucky Mojo Forum, Blogtalkradio, MyHoodooSpace, OldStyleConjure, Facebook, Twitter, and your own web site, you are building a real reputation and you will have the best chance of attracting clients from the get-go. Do not split the public's attention by using multiple names. Use one name and stick to it everywhere and always.


      cat yronwode
      catherine yronwode
      User avatar
      Site Owner "

      I also decided on "graduating" from being known as "Love Potion" on Facebook to now a more mature, professional "Coastside Conjure".
      *This will also be covered in another blog posting*

      I am still the same person, still the same blogger, still the same individual who will always be in search for more learning and knowledge in Hoodoo and it's practices.
      Even though I have the certificate, by no means do I think I am a "Seasoned Pro" or even a "Professional".
      I just have some of the essential skills mastered enough to get me started, and now have the prerequisites to learn "Hands On" with one of The Best in Hoodoo... my mentor, Miss Cat Yronwode.

       Here is to closing the door to one chapter, and opening a series more :)
      This does not mean I will quit blogging, I am still very much and always will be a "student". So no need to fret my lovelies... There will be more adventures in Hoodoo to come. And more exciting "blog share" giveaways!

      January's is gonna be AWESOME!

      As always, Stay Tuned!

      Love Potion #9

      December's Contest Winners!

      *Drum Roll Please*

      The winners for this months contest on Facebook are as follows:

      A Free 30 Minute Reading with Lou Florez


      The winner is: Nathan S.!

      And for the bottle of the St. Nicholas Oil from the Lucky Mojo Curio Co.


      The winner is: Beth L.!

      I will be contacting you two individually to tell you that you won (in case you didn't know!) and how to claim your prizes.

      Thank you so much for reading and "sharing" my blog. This has been exciting for me as well and I have decided to continue the tradition of hosting contests with prize give aways.

      So if you haven't won this time, tune in for next months Product of the Month, and Reader/Rootworker for a chance to win my picks for January!

      Congrats to you both and Happy Holidays everyone!

      Love Potion #9