Monday, December 24, 2012

A "Sacred" Space *Contest Time*

*It's Contest Time*
Share this on your Facebook and let me know that you did, to enter a chance to win a package of handmade Prosperity Bath Salts from The Sacred Well to ring in the New Year right!
*No purchase Necessary*
Just recently I had the pleasure to check out one of the more local metaphysical shops in the East Bay area of Oakland California.

I had seen and heard about this shop, The Sacred Well, on Facebook initially and had "friends in common" with 2 of the employees there. Ironically I became friends with one of them, Grey Wolf, before ever stepping foot into his store. Crazy right? That's how I roll

While I gravitate towards the "Traditional Hoodoo" practice and it's items, I cannot tell you how beautiful and peaceful this place, this space, and the people were. It was like walking into "Zen". I'm convinced they have Xanax or Lithium piped into the air there

I was first met and greeted by Grey Wolf as I was there to do an "exchange" of cards if you will. I had an extra deck he was interested in and he offered a deck of my choosing in trade. Let me just tell you... this is THE PLACE to be for Tarot Decks. It was a visual overload. I can't cannot do it justice in words so I will let the following picture do it for me....

Believe it or not... that is not all they had in that store! It was like they were part "Rabbit".... Decks everywhere! Multiplying right before your very eyes... in every corner. You get the picture?
And in keeping with that "theme" *ahem*.... I chose the Dakini Oracle ;)

You can read more about that Oracle here:

The soothing fountain found in the front of the store... I LOVE the natural stones used. Would have tried to take that home with me too but I think they would have noticed it missing *shucks*

Gem Stones, Candles, Books, Herbs, Oils, Elixers... the goodies go on and on here!  

They also offer classes in Tarot and Astrology in which I am interested in partaking myself. Monthly classes are offered in what appears to be Wiccan/Pagan Traditions that can be found on their website.
Readings are also available too!:

 One of the first things I gravitated towards and Boy let me tell you.... I wanted to dive into that drawer of gems! Soooo Soothing to touch and the colors were incredible! I bought 2 to place on my altar at home :)
I figure if they made me that happy to have, my spirits would be just as pleased.

More "gemmy" goodness

What I really liked about this shop is that they host a "Community Altar", a small peaceful space where you can light your candles & incense, meditate, pray, chant... it really is incredible.

Inside the Community Altar
My most favorite part of Conjure work is of course Candles... Lots and lots of yummy yummy candles.
The Sacred Well did not disappoint! They had your traditional glass encased vigils in all colors, figural, and tapers too. But what really sets them apart from the rest are the "custom designed" vigil labels that the staff make there in the shop.
I just about fainted when I saw them and Good Lord Almighty... WHY did y'all have to have soooo many that I wanted?! I mean come on here... I don't have enough room or money to buy Every. Single. One.
Feast your eyes folks!.... Makes my heart skip a beat

The Employee Candle Altar. They all hand designed their own lables on these vigils!
Something you don't see every day... Orisha Candles. These were hand designed by Grey Wolf himself!
Simply Elegant if you ask me

Oh and I squealed with utter delight when casting my eyes upon this:

Lucky Mojo Curio Co. In Da House!!! Represent!!! and I do like the Motor City conjure candles too :) But as everyone should know by now, I am a loyal Lucky Mojo Curio Co. Fan... so loyal I put a German Sheperd to shame. Moving on...
I couldn't help myself by being in a shop like this, and with candles like that... I just HAD to make some for myself :)
Grey Wolf helped me out by showing me around the Candle Station where folks can choose their own candles, dress, and bless them all on their own. So I put my many observations of others preparing my candles in the past to good use :)
Candle Station
Who couldn't use a little Love in their life?
My 2 vigils I blessed and dressed. I couldn't resist that "Protection" candle. That dog is too precious!
Oh and Look here... more Tarot cards!

Ok Ladies... if cards and candles aren't your thing... Then feast your eyes on these beauties!
Just look at that amazing quartz crystal!
I can hear the sales of Kleenex skyrocketing from all the drooling going on here

*Back off Ladies... These are MINE lol*
Oh wait... what's this? Can it be?... right next to some Money Drawing Oils?
YES... I bought the Tiny Tarot. Couldn't help myself
I have taken a ton of photos of this place but one really does need to visit in person to truly experience it's magical feel. I can't believe I haven't visited here sooner! This procrastination thing I had going this year has got to stop...
I'm pretty sure they had some "Stop Procrastinating" Oils or Incense around there somewhere...
Maybe a natural stone to combat that could be found here?:

Or maybe here?:

OH... and don't let me forget about thier Mojo Hand making station... One can drop on in and make a simple Mojo Bag for Love, Money, Attraction, Protection right there in the shop!

After about an hour or so, and a 20% battery life left on my iPhone, I gathered my "loot".
Not only did I get to learn about some of the various gem stones they had there and classes offered, but I made 2 new friends in the mix :) Grey Wolf, and AstroBarry. Two of THE NICEST people you could ever meet! They would probably give you a kidney on site if you needed it.

And I had an OMG moment in the store because not only did Grey Wolf know who I was via Facebook and being one of Cat's students, but he is also a reader of my blog! Even said that he thinks all Cat's students should read it...*insert toe curling girl squeal here*
In having their shop blogged about, they were all for me promoting some of their products to be "won".
I got to choose an item I felt was fitting and they generously donated it :)
So here it is folks.... My Blog Pick and my Birthday Gift to You!

and NO these are not the kind of "Bath Salts" you are thinking

You all know the "rules" but in case you don't, all you need to do is share this blog post on your facebook and tell me that you did by writing "shared" on my status update I will provide; ultimately leads one to this very fabulous posting on my new friends and favorite local shop "The Sacred Well".

Show them some love and support your local shops! I know I did :)

Now if I could only get my hands on this masterpiece!.... Ohhh how I want this!
Once again.. mitts off! It's going to be MINE... someday

Best of luck to all who enter!
The winner will be chosen and announced on the 26th.
Love Potion #9 now Coastside Conjure


  1. Shared! Thank you for all the lovely pictures!! And Brightest Blessings for your Birthday!!

    1. Thank You so much Caterina!!! Blessings to you too this Holiday :)

  2. Wow... so they do have the shop that I've been wanting to open.. Love the diy stations & the community altar. Thanks so much for sharing, CC. IF ever in the area, I'm definitely gonna have to check it out. BTW, I shared, but you don't have to include me in the drawing. I shared because you have a great blog & I so love this post. ;)

    1. Rev... You're entered! And Thanks so much for the commentary :) Happy Holidays! If you are ever in the area, Let me know! I will be honored to show you around

  3. Shared. And I love your Blog. xox

  4. Birthday girl, this has been shared! God bless you on your birthday and every day.

  5. Shared, and I need my own kleenex now! **drooling** Oh and Happy Solar Return, hope you have a great day!

  6. Thank You both so much!!! Happy Holidays and a Blessed New Year to you all :) This has been the best gift ever

  7. Shared and I'm in love with the money drawing roll on oil!

  8. Shared. I am so glad to be back home in the SF Bay Area. This is a great introduction to a resource for goodies. So looking forward to opportunity to get to Oakland and check out the Sacred Well. Thank you so much for the excellent photos. The energy is noticeable.

  9. Thank you for the great intimate look into your friends shop! It's almost like visiting!