Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Spiritual Nudge

Earlier this month a friend of mine on Facebook was sending out an APB on giving readings as she is wanting to gain some practice at them. Something for which I will be doing here in the new year myself...

Her readings were Career/Job focused and of course I just had to partake!

Here is what my reading said:

"Ok Coastside
Here is your Life Spread. This is what the universe wants you to know today.
The first card in your spread is the Writer card.
People look to writers for truth. You are accustomed to having other voices in your head. You may be sitting alone and have someone strike up a conversation with you internally. You may be out walking and hear the first line of a novel present itself. You could be with friends, having a good time, when suddenly a book title will fly into your head.
Divine creativity comes in burst. You may go for months, even years without writing, but then suddenly find yourself unable to stop the words from flowing. You may awaken from the middle of a deep sleep to the voice of a character demanding your attention or with your head churning with thoughts and words that you cannot stop.
Writers carry a sacred duty, as your words can influence people throughout eternity. When the universe reaches out to you, you must listen!
Make friends with your creativity because it is an inextricable part of you as much as your own head and heart. You must make way for the sacred to take form in your life.
The Writer card calls you to listen to the Universal voice within you and to express this through writing. This card is a sign that you must write for a living or produce written works that have a commercial purpose.
Don’t judge what these voices may ultimately mean to you, but let them move through you. You greatest method of obtaining clarity for yourself and others is through writing your thoughts, feelings and conflicts. Journaling is also a manner of scared writing, for it connects you to yourself and to your Source.
The next card in your spread is the Motivator. Motivators inspire others to go beyond what they believe is possible. You possess the spark creativity, and are able to ignite the flames of passion and purpose within all you encounter. Some Motivators become self-help authors and motivational speakers. But million more live ordinary lives, continually inspiring others through their extraordinary faith, courage and optimism.
You refuse to accept anything that conflicts with your idea of how your life should be and will quickly work to change anything that is not to your liking. In this way, you encourage others by overcoming your own struggles and living a life of happiness and purpose. You are programmed by the Universe to always see the best in people and situations. You can be very hard on yourself and those around you, expecting perfection. It is important that you remember to pace yourself so that the brightly buring flame within does not cause you to burn out.
Every motivator needs to spark their internal flame from time to time. Give yourself permission to receive as much inspiration and motivation that you give. Pray, meditate, listen to comforting music and let your spirits soar.
The last card in your spread is the Media Maven. The Media Maven card governs books, publishing, advertising and marketing. It represents mass communication and includes newspapers, TV, radio, websites, blogs and such.
This is the card of communicating in a major way and supporting a free voice for the people to shout their truths when the time is right. This is the card of ‘taking your message to the streets’. It can indicate a career in the media, or that it is time for you to engage in a media campaign you own. There is no larger or more powerful platform that wisely using the mass media to spread your words of love and wisdom. Choose your words wisely for they will have tremendous impact once they are carried out across the planet and beyond.
That is what the universe wants you to know today. Let me know your thoughts on this spread or if you have any questions.

      Well... it looks as though I may be in the RIGHT path for once in my life and I am enjoying it greatly.
      I took Miss Julie's reading to heart and collaborated with another friend to now launch my own website!

      Yes folks, My very own website! It is bare bones right now as the holidays take precedence over anything else at the moment, graphics, and goodies are to come soon after the new year with the help of Matt my I.T. Web Page Developing Wizard and Dr. C with his graphics that are bar none to any ones out there!

      With that, next year this blog will have a fancy new place to call home :)

      The official unveiling will happen later but I now own thanks to Matt for the "web design wizardry", and Thanks to Miss Julie for giving me the "Spiritual Green Light" to move to do something greater with my writings :)

      My blog will be there, the contests will continue as always, and who knows?... maybe even some products!

      Miss Julie can be found at:
      Happy Holidays everyone!

      Love Potion #9


      1. I'm proud for you! You are an amazing person and it shines in your writings. If you were to publish anything, I'd be first and center to purchase it!

      2. OMG You are too kind! Thank You so much for that... totally made my year :) God Bless!!!!

      3. Congratulations! As the creator of The Career Cards, the new deck your friend used to give you the "spiritual green light," it gives me such pleasure knowing that they are succeeding in their mission to encourage and inspire talented people just like you to fulfill your mission in life! Can't wait to see what magic you will make with your new site... and beyond!

      4. Sorry to post an update on the website creation so LATE... Unfortunately due to some crazy circumstances and my disdain for wordpress, never really made it into fruition. That is not to say that it won't ever be... But for now, I am liking my place on Blogger :)