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Product of the Month: Saint Nicholas Oil *Contest Time*

*It's Contest Time*
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Ho, Ho, Ho?... No, No, Not exactly

This month's "Product of the Month" is St. Nicholas Oil from the Lucky Mojo Curio Co.
*I felt it was fitting for this time of year*

One usually attributes St. Nicholas to the jolly ol' fat man in a red and white suit who drives a sleigh pulled by 8 reindeer. Bringing gifts to boys & girls all over the world by way of said sleigh and climbing up and down a chimney.

This posting and my own personally crafted "spell work" is going to refer back to the origins of this particular Saint.
It is one that I remember hearing about in Sunday School as a child and I had never forgotten it.

*I couldn't find a St. Nicholas vigil candle, so taking a cue from my teacher Cat Yronwode, I found an image of the Saint, printed it out and attached it to the vigil*

I saw that Lucky Mojo had carried St. Nicholas products and with it being the Yuletide Holidays, I just had to blog about it.

While St. Nicholas is the Saint with the most patronages and is commonly known for his protection of Children, I am going to focus on the patronage that I remember fondly from Sunday School... he being the Patron Saint of Maidens.

The short version of the story is that there was a man who had 3 daughters whom he could not afford to give a dowry for each or feed them anymore, and was going to have to sell them into slavery or prostitution. Before he did that, he prayed to God that he would not have to resort to that, and as a result St. Nicholas tossed a bag of gold coins into their window for 3 nights in a row so that the man could afford a husband for each of his daughters.

You can read more about that here:
 Supplies used:

Florida Water:
St. Nicholas Oil:
Plain White Glass Encased Vigil:
Holly Leaves:
Acacia Leaves:
Petition Paper:
3 Gold taper candles:
Brass Candle Holders:
1 Glass of Water
A Red Altar Cloth
A Red Pen
Lodestone hairs from my Love Drawing Lodestones :
Potted Christmas Tree (for decorative inspiration and to plant later)
Bag of Chocolate Gold Coins:
With the obvious aside, you are probably wondering as to why I chose St. Nicholas?
I was inspired not only by the time of year, but also a couple of friends of mine had been unlucky in love. Their heart breaking Facebook updates along with St. Nicholas' history prompted me to choose this saint.
Traditionally St. Anthony or St. Valentine has been used for such things, but I am going to try something different this time.

Unfortunately I have not been able to find any conjure work ever published on St. Nicholas, so this will be a new spell working for me. Should anyone be in possession of documented conjure using St. Nicholas, please let me know! I'd really appreciate it :)

Of course, as with all workings, I cleansed my working area with Florida Water while praying the 23rd Psalm and the Lords Prayer. *this is my standard protocol for cleansing my altar spaces*

*I fixed my candle with herbs, lodestone hairs, and St. Nicholas oil, prayed over it, then "knocked" it on my altar space 3 times to complete the blessing*

I placed upon my red altar cloth (working from the back going towards the front) my Christmas Tree, a glass of water for offering (to the left), incense burner w/ Frankincense & Myrrh (to the right), St. Nicholas Vigil candle (middle) with Holly, Mistletoe, and Acacia herbs arranged around the base of the candle in a clockwise fashion to "bring something toward you", 3 Gold 4in taper candles (blessed & dressed with St. Nicholas Oil) in a triangle formation around the vigil to represent not only the Holy Trinity, but also the 3 "Maidens".
And last but not least... a bag of "Gold Coins" & a cup of Egg Nog.
*Thanks Kast for the Egg Nog suggestion!*
*you can read about the chosen herbs and their uses here*
Written out in red ink on parchment paper are the petitions for the ladies whom are trying to find their eventual husbands.
*not going to share that information as these are personal*

Today is the Feast Day of St. Nicholas, so what better time than now to start this spell :)

Typically I light my incense first as I like to pray out loud as I light my candles, and feel that it is helping my prayers "upward" and to be heard by the spirits.

Again, I could not find any prayers to St. Nicholas on finding love or a husband, so I constructed something simple and sweet. After all, it isn't so much of the words as it is the intention and faith you put forth.

"O St. Nicholas I beseech you and pray
Please don't make me wait another day
Find me the love of my life, and make me his wife
Intercede for me, and forever grateful I will be"

*make the sign of the cross* (In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit) Amen

I will change the wording a little for the ladies I am working on, but the above prayer could be used for an individual doing this ritual on their own.

Each day, until the vigil burns out, I bless and dress 3 gold taper candles with St. Nicholas oil, light my incense and candles, pray my little prayer with my whole heart and unfailing faith.

Links to various sites on St. Nicholas:

When I am finished with my workings, I will dispose of the wax, incense, and whole herbs at the crossroads at my Church. And disposing of the glass vigil into the garbage after I give "thanks" to St. Nicholas for his help. Unfortunately I have been told that the glass encased vigils cannot be recycled, so disposal into a trash can is my only other option right now.

Here is to wishing these ladies to find themselves under the mistletoe with a very special someone this year :)

Happy Holidays!

Love Potion #9

P.S. Winner of the contest will be announced Dec. 15, 2012
Best of luck everyone!


  1. I have never worked with St. Nicholas. Very interesting blog. Well done!

  2. Thanks so much! My first time too so this should be interesting :)

  3. Thanks! Do you have a facebook account?

  4. You said, "This month's 'Product of the Month' is St. Nicholas Oil from the Lucky Mojo Curio Co.
    *I felt it was fitting for this time of year*"

    I've always liked Lucky Mojo's Wealthy Way Oil because it smells a bit like Christmas. :)

    Great article, btw.

  5. Thanks Kal :) Ironically I haven't smelled "Wealthy Way" oil yet... Now I'm going to have to LOL

  6. Shared on Facebook, Twitter, and G+ ;-) Love St. Nicholas, I spent my summers, (and my Junior year of HS,) in Bari, Italy, there is a beautiful Church in his name, where his bones lie.