Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Shhh!... it's getting closer! *Mercury Retrograde*

It's that time again... everybody's favorite time of year: Mercury Retrograde!


OK... before y'all get your knickers in a bunch (much like I do during the Mercury Retrogrades), I am going to spare everyone from my usual "doom-and-gloom" diatribe, and feature a post by Tim Soaringwolf whom is an incredible Astrologer that has much more constructive things to say about the upcoming event:

December 19, 2016 5:55 am EST

Mercury shifted into Capricorn yesterday where it will stay longer than usual with the upcoming Mercury Retrograde. Some have felt this shift stronger than normal as we have also entered into the pre-shadow phase of the Retrograde. Now is the time to pay attention to messages and cues, for we shall soon be revisiting many of the themes we travel over the next couple weeks. In Capricorn our thinking and communication is a bit more orderly, logical, practical and business like. Our conversations may be a bit more somber and realistic, and while normally less emotional displays are shown, the retrograde energies will soon be pulling up things from deep below, as the Sea Goat of the zodiac is also associated with the deep waters of the Sea. As we approach December 19th when Mercury will shift directions at 15º in Capricorn, Mercury will only be less than 2º away from being conjunct Pluto, the planet of power and transformation. Therefore expect to see some powerful energies at play as the two planets of Mercury and Pluto join to add power to our mind, our communication, and a reforming of our thoughts. Harsh words may be a common theme during this upcoming retrograde and a release of energies that have been buried away inside of us. When you combine the planet of travel with the planet of transformation, expect to go on a voyage of the Soul and experience some deep transformations. Enjoy the journey but take notes and learn from the lessons, or you will be poorer in the long run. Mercury rules communication on all levels including the internet, travel, contracts, verbal and even mental, so most of us know this is not the best time to make important decisions. Rather the re- words should all be considered. Revisit, reorganize, recycle, reuse, realign, reiterate, rethink, re-plan are all things favoured during a Mercury Retrograde. It is difficult to walk backwards; we use different muscles and neural pathways… but we also revisit things we have missed, and strengthen those parts of us that are usually neglected and see things from different perspectives. This is not a time to fear these energies or be angry, but in finding how to flow WITH the universe, learn that this is a shift of energy and allow yourself to shift and align with the Cosmos so you can learn the deepest lessons that you need to hear during this time.

~Soaring Wolf

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