Thursday, April 28, 2016

*Quick Update*

Just a quick update and a "Happy Mercury Retrograde folks!

Seriously, I loathe this time(s) of the year.... we all know that.

I just wanted to reiterate before I go into my usual "hibernation" during MR, that in the event you haven't yet and would like to purchase Mercury Retrograde oil, you can purchase it through Papa

No need to worry... I loaded Newt up on oils though these are made in limited quantities and will not be made during the active Retrograde (I covered this in a previous posting) so get yours now before they are all gone!

*Previous Blog Post on this topic and links of interest*

*Side Note: He's now selling Ganesh Oil too!*

I'm going to try to have a few bottles available while I am in Forestville as I have a few I am gifting to some fine conjure folks :)

Which brings me to my next topic of discussion... The Hoodoo Heritage Festival!

I cannot press the issue hard enough that this IS an event NOT TO BE MISSED!

Papa Newt was letting me know just the other day that not only is he going to be one of the esteemed readers available at the festival, but that Readers are booking up FAST!

Some are already booked up :(

I cannot tell you which Readers to choose because ALL OF THEM are Amazing, Superior, ELITE.

Do yourself a favor and just click the links... have a browse, and let your life be changed!
At least for a weekend ;)

Trust me.. you'll be GLAD you did!

OK... off to light a ridiculous amount of Mercury Retrograde candles and douse everyone and everything in Peace Water!

*omg did I really just say that?!*

Saturday, April 23, 2016

My Old Stomping Grounds *a pictoral post*

Last week I had the pleasure to pay a visit to one of my favorite metaphysical shops and it being my old stomping grounds :)

I picked up a few conjure goodies (another post in the making) and of course, snap some pics while I was there.

This blog isn't going to be terribly informative, but mainly an "optical feast" to treat one's eyes to


*Caught Chas working*

For more information go to:
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Happy Saturday!