Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Annnnddd I'm back

Yes folks... I am back to blogging once again though I cannot take total credit for that decision as a few colleagues have expressed interest and urged me to get back to it, like NOW.

Not gonna lie, they have been gently prodding me to get back to blogging a LONG time ago but I had just soo much on my plate, it was pretty difficult to recommit to posting on a regular basis as I feel I should, but seeing as some very important events are coming up (one entirely appropriate for this specific post), I thought I would sit down and finally kick myself in my own arse and just DO IT.

I am not going to explain the reasoning for my lengthy absence outside of Life, Work, etc.. that had taken priority.

With that, I apologize to those that have felt strongly about my absence and needed my assistance.
I hope that I have provided those in need an assortment of talented individuals listed on my Blog in case of an emergency, or for any reason where Spiritual/Conjure Work is desired.

OK.... Moving onto the good stuff!
*Seriously folks.. my life is boring*

I have a couple of topics I want to touch upon and 2 people that I am BEYOND EXCITED for!

Unless you live under a rock, were on "Vacation" such as I, or just don't troll the LMCC AIRR Page on a regular basis, 2 of my very most favorite people became AIRR Members!

Mama E whom you y'all would know as Dr. E's mom!
Can I just tell you how excited and honored I was to see that she used a photo I took of her for her AIRR Member page?.... *about fainted*

and my "Good Morning Drive to Work conversationalist conjure buddy" Papa Newt!
Just about every morning starts out with my usual Sugar Free Rockstar Energy Drink (Im so NOT a morning person) and a phone call to Newt :)

I have had work done by both these talented individuals for which is deserving of their own blog posts, so stay tuned for those!

A HUGE CONGRATS and WELL DONE shout out from me on my blog and anyone reading this, Please go check out their AIRR Pages :)

Onto the next topic of discussion and that is St. Expedite and his upcoming Feast Day on April 19th!

When I think of St. Expedite, the person I immediately think of is Papa Newt.

St. Expedite is his homeboy and he certainly likes working with him!
For anyone wishing to work with St. Expedite or has tried in the past with little to no results, I always recommend Papa Newt.

Because he has a close working relationship with this Folk Saint, Papa Newt proves to be an incredible asset when either needing assistance in petitioning St. Expedite or commissioning him to do the work for you.

I personally can attest to Papa Newt's abilities with working with St. Expedite (and in other areas of Conjure) and its nothing short of spectacular :)

Papa Newt will be conducting a class on working with St. Expedite at Next Millennium Books & Gifts on April 19th for those that are in the Omaha, Nebraska area.
And for those whom cannot attend, do their or afford their own working, Papa Newt has made available a page on his site where you can leave a petition to set upon his St. Expedite Altar.

*Side Note*: I have been bugging him to conduct and make available his classes On Line for which he is looking into... I got you covered ;)

OK... so this blog post kind of got away from St. Expedite himself (Sorry for that!) but I have a few previous blog posts on this Folk Saint that I will let "do the talking" because there really isn't any MORE that I can come up with on him....

Archived St. Expedite Posts & Links of Interest

Links of Interest *NOT authored by me*

*One of many variations of Prayers to St. Expedite*

It's nice to be back... and Im looking forward to many many more blog posts in the future :)

Now Im off to procure some Sara Lee Pound Cake and other St. Expedite goodies!


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