Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hoodoo Heritage Festival 2016

*Photo courtesy of the Missionary Independent Spiritualist Church Website*
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Oh YES! It is THAT time again.... The very weekend of ALL weekends in a Conjure Worker's YEAR.

Before I get into why this isn't an event to be missed... Can we just take a moment to admire this years Festival Advertisement Photo?? This Mona Lisa of Conjure Graphic Arts....

*pupils currently dilated to the size of saucers*

To Whom ever created this masterpiece, Bravo! Seriously, I cannot stop staring at it. 
I'm easily won over by such things :D

Getting back to my favorite time of the year.....

Quite honestly the event speaks for and sells itself.  The Best of the Best, The Cream of the Crop in Hoodoo/Conjure, and the like all gather at the "Happiest Hoodoo Place on Earth" the Lucky Mojo Curio Co. to teach, to learn, and some offer On Site Readings!

*Book your Readings in advance as these Readers book up FAST!*

I will link any previous posts and Photo Albums on this event as the description generally does not change, nor does my extreme excitement of it all <3

*I DO have photos of the 2014 Hoodoo Heritage Festival on another computer and will upload those at a later date.*

Relevant Archived Posts: 

Fun Fact: Miss Cat's Birthday is observed during the Festival! 

*completely missed the whole Happy Birthday song*

This year I will be a bit more prepared... instead of only 1 camera battery I now have 3, 2 memory cards, and a couple of USB drives to store photos on.

Side Note: I'm secretly squealing like a 12 year old on the inside as I have spotted 4 of my photos used in the current Hoodoo Heritage Festival advert!

YES folks... this kind of thing totally makes my year :D

Though I think we pretty much covered that earlier in this post... or at least a thousand times throughout this blog... But I'll never stop being grateful for the publicity of the pictures I take.
It is an honor.
~I am NO Professional Photographer by any means~
its just a hobby of mine :)

Hopefully my fingers will be able to sustain the nail biting action that will ensue until this blessed event takes place. I seriously plan my whole year around it and am AMPED on seeing all my friends, as well as hopefully making new ones!

I'll see y'all there!.... I'll be the one with the camera ;)

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