Saturday, April 5, 2014

ConjureCon 2014 *Hurry Get Your Tickets*

The 3rd Annual ConjureCon is vastly approaching! And I am EXCITED!

*Shame on me for not blogging about this epic event ahead of time... Sorry! *

It is one of my more favorite events to attend not only for the valuable education and instruction given by some of the best teachers of their communities and craft, but also for the amazing friendships made along the way.

It also helps by being held inside one of the most magical places in Santa Cruz, California at Serpent's Kiss Magick Shop & Botanica.

And let me just say or warn you now (for those who have not yet been to the shop), You may need to cash out your 401K because the products in Serpent's Kiss are A May Zing! It's really hard to practice good self control in that place.
                                                             *You Have Been Warned*
haha.. no seriously

My Personal Favorites:
 (I CANNOT get enough of these products!!!)

Florida Water Blessing Spray
I spray this on EVERYTHING.
I use it as a daily dressing on myself as well as one of the final sprays on my family's head stone when I go to clean it.
It's like a Spiritual American Express Card; I don't leave  home without it!

These Florida Water Incense Cones smell sooo good! I wanted to shove a cone up each nostril and call it a day. Rest assured that didn't happen... But I was tempted.
Don't try that at home. Or in their store. Or at all.

The Peace Water... OK, This product is what I envision how the Virgin Mary would smell like if she appeared to me.
I cannot give it a better description than that. Words don't do it justice.

And now these little beauties will be available at ConjureCon!

*photo courtesy of Serpents Kiss*
Cant wait to get my mitts on one of those!

OK... I will blog about the store in its entirety in another post. Sorry got a little side tracked there for a sec

3 Days of Hands On teaching and learning from legends in the conjure community all under 1 roof.

Momma Starr

Momma Starr of Momma Starr's Old Style Conjure

Momma Starr authored some of my favorite books on conjure such as:

though I am wanting to add these 2 books to my collection (essentials):

Love me some Momma Starr!

Orion Foxwood

Author of :

I absolutely LOVED his Candle and the Crossroads book! Everyone should read this.
Many more publications in the works for this man I am sure.
*read: start making more shelve space*

Amazing Teacher, Author, and proud to call him a Friend.

Orion you rock!
*you too Aubrey!*

Susan Diamond & Shimmering Wolf

Susan Diamond also of
Shimmering Wolf.... Outstanding Photographer (seriously can't hold a candle to his skills)
and equally outstanding human being. Couldn't get any better than this!

*Sasha in the middle*

one is never far from the other :)
*Photo taken at 2014 at PantheaCon where they are regular vendors*

 Susan Diamond will be giving instruction on a number of topics at ConjureCon by herself as well as hosting alongside her colleagues this upcoming weekend.

Sindy Todo 

Reader, Rootworker, and creator of the Spikeomancy Divination System!

                                           *also available at Serpent's Kiss while supplies last*

It is my understanding that Auntie Sindy Todo will not be in attendance this year, but we will be seeing her next!
She gives one heck of a Hoodoo Class on "Collection of Personal Concerns and Sneaky Tricks"... 
Watch out for that one!

Get your tickets while there are seats left! Spots are filling up fast!

Tickets available at:

Be there!

*2013 ConjureCon*