Sunday, October 23, 2016

Showcase Sunday Featuring: Milk & Honey of Sebastopol, Ca.   

On a whim I had decided that I needed to head up to the  Lucky Mojo Curio Co. as I was in need of some supplies that my local shops did not carry, and remembered that Miss Phoenix LeFae had recently opened her own shop close by and had invited me to come visit to check it out and of course... take pics!

Don't have to tell me twice!... So with that, off I went :)

Milk & Honey is located in cozy downtown Sebastopol, California where you will find their cheerful sandwich board located just outside their open door :)
 *see above photo.. haha*

Upon walking in the shop, I was greeted by 2 very lovely ladies with equally enticing energies.
Very gentle, very healing, very approachable. I was treated as though I was a long time friend as well as a valued customer even though they did not know who I was, nor my previous knowledge and relationship to Miss Phoenix LeFae.

They literally rolled out the "spiritual red carpet" for me, and I observed this treatment towards every customer that had come in that day. 
Customer Service = Not enough stars in the galaxy to give, but definitely 5 out of 5!

More on those ladies in a bit!

I have to treat you guys to the same visual overload of "Goddess Goodies" and everything in between! This place is really a 1 Stop Shop and the BEST Metaphysical Store in the area.
I'll let the photos do the talking ;)


OK... now that you are probably suffering from some proper eye strain, possibly a few chest pains, or need to grab your inhaler, I will touch upon the staff who I had mentioned earlier.

As I stated before, these ladies really make you feel like family the minute you step through the door... I would equate the feeling of an adult walking through the gates of Disneyland and then transforming back into that childlike feeling of excitement and sheer joy.... but for the metaphysical.
Disneyland... YES I went there.
Don't believe me? Take a trip to Milk & Honey and find out for yourself :)

Meet Ariel!

Ariel was the first of the bright smiling faces that greeted me with warmth and positive gentle energy.
She loves her job, in addition to her stellar customer service, she enjoys tending to the shops various Altars.
 Lighting the candles, praying to the Goddesses, praying over the petitions that are left on the Public Altar, and also making sure the shop is cleansed of anything "Negative" and brings in a TRUCK LOAD of "Positive".
*Not Exaggerating there!*


She graciously allowed me to follow and photograph her while she moved herself into a "personal spiritual space" and do what she does best.
I appreciated that as some people consider that time to be sacred and my being there could be invasive and counter productive to their work.

She also generously shared with me the Daily Intention that is said at Milk & Honey, for which initially I was writing down but in the end, I passed her the pen & paper lol... I was still on a sensory overload from all the magical goodies around me.
Don't judge. Y'all have been there before.

Thank You Ariel for your kindness and time spent with me, it is much appreciated <3

 Now onto Polly!

Polly was the Reader on staff that day with an equally charismatic, gentle feminine energy.
OK... Phoenix, is there a Laboratory somewhere in the back where you are cloning these ladies???
They are simply lovely! The world needs more of these people... just sayin.

Back to Polly.... I had initially asked her if she would be interested in being photographed and interviewed for my blog and I got a very enthusiastic "YES!"
*my kind of girl!*

I was led to the back of the shop into the reading room where I was made to feel right at home and an excited interviewee awaited the questions I was to ask.
What I found out about Polly was that she is a very talented reader who doesn't just limit herself to just Tarot card readings, but also does Angel, and Animal readings too! Her passion lies in helping others seek the truth and effective comfortable solutions to their problems.

She isn't a reader that will tell you what you want to hear, but rather has the gift of delivering the bad news with a "velvet hammer".
She also refuses to leave her clients without options, or without showing them the light at the end of the tunnel. Not all hope is lost ever in her readings... You just might not get the answers you are/were attached to. Polly can help you see past what you just can't at the moment. And also help you accept something better! *Win Win*

When I asked for some photos of her with her cards, she turned the tables and asked me if she could give me a reading... WOW... OK! And boy did she ever!

But first... we of course bonded over our love of cards and cartomancy. I had told her about my "Ride or Die" Lenormand Revolution Deck by Carrie Paris, and she had not seen or heard of them before so of course I JUST HAD TO WHIP THEM OUT :D

I can safely say that Polly was impressed while happily thumbing through the deck, and transferred some of her fantastic energy into them as well :)
I never miss a chance to "pimp" those cards #ilovethemsomuch

While I will not share the details of my reading with Polly, I will say that it was nothing short of incredible. She connected with a loved one whom has been the focal point of my life and still very much is even in death. Delivered some hard to swallow messages that needed to be heard, but again, Polly was there with her positive energy cheering me onto getting past what has been holding me back and being the beacon of light very much needed.

Never once was I made to feel rushed, ashamed of myself, scared, angry, unwanted, nothing negative... Which if you have had been to as many Readers as I have over the years, you will have run into all of the ones that hit each and every negative hallmark just to make a buck. 

Polly is NOT one of those. 
Just writing this piece makes me miss these ladies, and if you haven't already caught on, they have changed my whole blogging/writing style as there is hardly ANY sarcasm or humor listed in this posting... That's how their energy influences those around them.

Gentle, Calm, Loving.

Thank You Polly for connecting with my loved one, and helping me get out of my own way. I'll keep you posted on the outcomes ;) Though having met you and Ariel, I have already seen some of those "Cups" runneth over :)

By the end of my visit, I literally wanted to fold these ladies up into my bag and take them home with me. I settled for a hug from each.
Pretty sure there are laws against tossing people into bags and taking them home with you... I think that would be construed as "abduction" and No. Not happening.

However, I will leave them in their "Happy Place" to make others happy too :) 

Side Note... This shop is a mecca for Ganesh devotee's and aficionado's alike. I'm sure there is some video surveillance footage of me literally losing my mind every 5 seconds upon discovering their many Ganesh items tucked away in that place.... Phoenix, Please don't leak that... I have a reputation to uphold. *dies of laughter*

This handsome guy was just claimed by yours truly and has a spot on my Ganesh Altar at home waiting for his arrival <3

No visit would be complete without coming home with some "goodies" from a place such as this!
So I grabbed a couple of cards that instead of giving to someone, I am going to frame to hang on my wall at home :)

*my haul*

There truly is something for everyone at Milk & Honey! If you are in the Sebastopol area, please stop by and say Hi! to the staff... You WILL get a warm welcome and may not want to go home. I sure didn't :)
Get yourself a Reading, some Crystals, a Ganesh.... cards, candles, oils.... the list goes ON!

Also, Miss Elvyra whom you may know from working at the Lucky Mojo Curio Co., featured on the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo and Rootwork Hour, AND at the Hoodoo Heritage Festival, is a Reader  at Milk & Honey as well!
 I love photographing her... she's so photogenic!

OK... I have waxed poetically long enough on this place, and the ethereal individuals that inhabit it.
Do yourself a favor and pay this place a visit. In person, online, or over the phone, it's an experience worth having.

Remember.... "Spiritual Disneyland".


Monday, October 17, 2016

Saint's Agatha and Peregrine *New Products*

When one hears of Saint Agatha and/or Peregrine, most people do not know who these Saint's are. They are not your more commonly heard of or venerated Saint's like that of Saint Jude, Therese, and Michael (which really is an Arch Angel).

Unless you or someone close to you has battled Cancer, you probably have not heard of these 2 individuals or why folks pray to them.

Most Saint's have more than 1 Patronage, and these two do as well, but I am going to leave it focusing on the main topic here: Cancer.

I am going to backtrack a little bit as I would like to touch upon a personal account of my own dealing with cancer years ago, and a battle someone very close to me is currently going through.
One that he has been given a diagnosis of "terminal" for which there is not much more that can be done.

I came to know Saint Agatha back in 1996 when I was diagnosed with Stage II Breast Cancer.
This is how most people find out about her is when they are dealing with this very disease.

I was initially misdiagnosed with what was told to be a fibrocystic lump when in fact a biopsy later revealed Stage II Breast Cancer.
Of course I was panicking and VERY upset at the fact I felt I was far too young to be afflicted with such a disease, and of course "why me"?

While we may never know the "whys", the only thing I can come up with is that there was a lesson here for someone. Whether that lesson was for me in the case of "Vanity", a lesson for a fledgling Oncologist getting their first cancer patient, or a lesson in Faith.
Or maybe, All of the above.

I can tell you that Faith is your biggest hurdle to overcome in times like these, but it is also one of your biggest allies.

St. Agatha gave me comfort in praying to her, asking for her intercession, asking her to bend the ear of God and help heal me.

In the end, I am here, alive, and writing this blog that you are reading at this very moment so I would have to say that along with the intervention of modern medicine, prayers to Saint Agatha certainly helped.

Because she would not submit to any man as a wife or sexually in any capacity, Saint Agatha was reportedly assaulted and abused for devoting herself to God instead.
As a result her breasts were ripped off (HOLY HELL... WTF?!) in addition to the many beatings and various methods of torture...
*I'm still wincing at the thought of having my breasts yanked off my body*

I'm going to need a minute....

She is commonly pictured carrying a Palm branch in 1 hand and a plate with breasts on the other. Because one of the tortures she supposedly suffered was to have her breasts cut off, she was often depicted carrying her breasts on a plate. It is thought that blessing of the bread that takes place on her feast may have come from the mistaken notion that she was carrying loaves of bread.

Loaves of bread with nipples... let that just sink in....
I will never be able to look at baked goods the same again. 
*Moving on*

*A pink ribbon is enclosed inside every bottle*

Prayer to St. Agatha 

St. Agatha, woman of valor, from your own suffering we have been moved to ask your prayers for those of us who suffer from breast cancer. We place the NAME(S) before you, and ask you to intercede on their behalf. From where you stand in the health of life eternal- all wounds healed, and all tears wiped away- pray for MENTION YOUR REQUEST, and all of us. Pray God will give us His holy benediction of health and healing. And, we remember you were a victim of torture and that you learned, first hand, of human cruelty and inhumanity. We ask you to pray for our entire world. Ask God to enlighten us with a “genius for peace and understanding.” Ask Him to send us His Spirit of Serenity, and ask Him to help us share that peace with all we meet. From what you learned from your own path of pain, ask God to give us the Grace we need to remain holy in difficulties, not allowing our anger or our bitterness to overtake us. Pray that we will be more peaceful and more charitable. And from your holy pace in our mystical body, the Church, pray that we, in our place and time will, together, create a world of justice and peace. Amen.

*Note: the Pink Ribbon is not associated with St. Agatha directly but that of the  Susan G. Koman organization*

Links of Interest:

OK... so if Saint Agatha isn't your "home girl" or you are wanting an overall Patron Saint of Cancer , Saint Peregrine is your man!

Legend has it that Saint Peregrine had an open wound on his leg that a surgeon deemed cancerous and had scheduled an amputation of the limb the next day.

That night Saint Peregrine had prayed and prayed to God for healing, had a vision of God touching his leg, and the next day there was no sign of a wound, laceration, nothing.
Completely healed from the cancer that afflicted him. Thus making him the Saint one prays to when they have cancer of any kind.

Did I myself invoke his aid? No. 
Honestly I did not know about him until recently. *I'm actually quite ashamed*

Weeks ago a close friend of mine had been given a diagnosis of Liver Cancer, and it was Terminal.

Of course they had and are still going through the standard regiment of traditional Western Medicine, trying everything to stay as "healthy" as one can going through chemo, and other treatments... but the one avenue that is most often overlooked is the "spiritual medicine". 

For me, that is my first line of defense. And I am NOT going to give up and give in to that death sentence; even IF that is what is to come.

 I added a white ribbon to signify the bandage that St. Peregrine had covering his wound

*Doctors have been wrong, And there has been miracles of "Divine Intervention" for which medical science has 0 explanation for.*

In addition to setting lights, hours of prayer and novena's on this person's behalf, I started to have dreams of Saint Peregrine.
In the waking hours he "appeared" in the form of his name (there is a Peregrine St. that I found whilst lost one day going to a home I had never been to before), his medal fell out of a box I had not seen in a LONG time and into my hand, and then there had been an influx of folks that were newly diagnosed themselves... It was apparent that this Saint wanted to be called upon, and I felt that in addition to the many hours of "hounding the guy" to heal my beloved friend, an exchange was to be made.

That exchange comes in the form of conjure oils for both Saint Agatha and Saint Peregrine. 
In addition to that, vigil candles as well. 

I feel that they both were out in the "crowd" waving their hands trying to get my attention, and it worked.
I am very proud of these 2 products as I am of everything I make. A lot of time, energy, Faith, and prayer has gone into them; I know there are people that feel these would make a difference in their lives,  and/or the lives of others.

Also, 100% of the proceeds of these oils will go to a Cancer charity 
Saint Agatha = Breast Cancer
Saint Peregrine = All other Cancers

This was an agreement that I made to both Saints for their intercessions and is non-negotiable.
Due to this stipulation, there will not be a Giveaway for this posting, for that I apologize.

Prayer to Saint Peregrine

Saint Peregrine, whom Holy Mother Church has declared patron of those suffering from cancer, I confidently turn to you for aid in my present need (mention your request here)

Lest I lose confidence, I beg your kind intercession. Please with Mary, the Mother of Sorrows, whom you loved so tenderly, and in union with whom you have suffered the pains of cancer, that she may help me with her all-powerful prayers and consolation.

Obtain for me the strength to accept my trials from the loving hand of God with patience and resignation. May suffering lead me to a better life and enable me to atone for my own sins and the sins of the world. 

The above is one of MANY Prayers you can find out on the Internet, in books, and the backs of Prayer Cards. Choose the prayer that you feel the best about.

Links of Interest:

These Oils and Vigils will be available through Papa Newt on his Website:, and possibly other vendors in the future :)

**St. Peregrine statue not included**

*These will not be available through myself as I will be extremely busy and continually focused on making the products and do not want to distract from that; it is very time consuming as I pray specific Novena's as I create them*

I want to be clear and say that I do not endorse the practice of "Spiritual Medicine and Prayer ONLY" in situations such as this. Modern Medicine should be the front runner in your defense/battle with Cancer or when dealing with any disease/injury/ailment; Spiritual Practices should compliment your health care.
One should always seek medical attention from a qualified professional.
I am NOT that person.

Peace be with all those who have been newly diagnosed or currently suffering from these terrible diseases.... I hope this brings you some comfort as it has my friend and I.


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday Showcase Featured Reader/Rootworker: Marcus McCoy!

*google images*

"Knock, Knock, Knock.... Housekeeping?" 

Well... not exactly. Think of Marcus as a "Spiritual Landlord/Exterminator" for those plagued with ghostly tenants who refuse to move.
**Think "Poltergeist"**

This service does not apply to those annoying friends and relatives that just wont leave you alone... Sadly :/

While  I do not have any experience in this subject, nor have I consulted with Marcus on a House Cleansing/Blessing, I had asked Marcus if he would be interested in being featured on my blog because I found his services and skills quite interesting!

And surely someone out there is looking for just this kind of work, right?

Unless he can conjure up some spirits to CLEAN my house for me?....

Hmmm.... I might be onto something there!
*maybe he can chime in on this burning question as I know this would be an AMAZING service*
If Disney can do it, why cant Marcus?

Side note: I'm getting visions of the disembodied soldiers and various household items from "Bed knobs & Broomsticks" where they all came to life after Angela Lansbury cast the Substitutiary Locomotion spell on them.
Though shortly after everything started going haywire and someone got kicked by a pair of trousers....

Hmm... might need to rethink that "maid service" idea.

Of course Marcus of Vesta Home Clearing and Blessings generally does not deal with or encounter "Disney-like" spirits. I would imagine most people would want to keep those kinds around :)

Personally I could do with a "Jiminey Cricket". 
Just not an actual cricket. Those things creep me out!

Again... still hoping for that "cleaning service" that doesn't backfire or result in getting assaulted by inanimate objects :/

That being said... Ladies & Gentlemen, Marcus McCoy!

Do you belong to a professional association that requires readers and rootworkers to abide by a code of ethics?

I do not.

What kinds of readings do you perform?

I do medicine card readings, pendulum readings, and do reading through directly speaking with the dead...

Which of the reading styles you use are most popular with your clients?

Medicine card readings.

Who was or were your divination teacher or teachers?

I learned primarily through tutelary spirits, and plant medicines. 

Do you prescribe spiritual supplies for the people you read for?

Occasionally I do if they require it from the reading. 

Do you teach spell-casting or do magical coaching with your reading clients?


How and when did you first hear about hoodoo rootwork?

I first heard about hoodoo and root work long ago while studying cross cultural practices of folk magic.

Who was or were your rootwork teacher or teachers?

But do not claim to be a root worker, I worked with a Bolivian shaman Miguel Kavlin for many years, but primarily learned directly from spirits. My work in Shamanry and with the Spirits has led me to study folk magic traditions from around the world. 

How long have you been professionally practicing divination, psychic reading, hoodoo rootwork, or conjure doctoring for clients?

I have been practicing my work doing with others for over 15 years.

What kinds of hoodoo spell-casting cases have you handled successfully in the past?

I do a lot of work removing unwanted spirits from people's homes and lives. Very challenging ones, violent poltergeists, that sort of thing. Casting spells, is just simple work compared to some of these. Removing curses, hexes, jinxes, protection. My work is rather martial. I like to heal, protect, and bring justice to those who have been wronged. 

Can you provide me with any references from among your clients?

I do not request my clients give a testimonial. Commonly the clients are happy to be liberated from their problems and don't want to look back. 

What are your strong suits as a magical spell caster and rootworker?

I have an eclectic background and have studied multiple practices and traditions so I am not limited in my approach.

What are your weaknesses as a magical spell caster and rootworker?

Many put a lot of stock on lineage and being a part of a magical lineage. They say not being in a tradition makes you some how weaker. I am not within any tradition but the one I co-create as my own on this world. Some say that is a weakness. I disagree. But some will say that non the less. 

Do you have any moral or religious limitations on the kind of magic spells you will perform for others? If so, what are they?
It must all be just.

Do you work according to the precepts of a particular religion, and if so, which one?


How long do you think I should have to wait before I can see results from your spell casting or altar work if we are going to have positive movement?

You should start seeing change immediately, if you aren't, something is blocking and needs to be worked out. 

What could I be doing at home in combination with your rootwork and prayers to improve the chances that my aims and goals will be achieved?

Stay spiritually, morally, and physically hygienic. And go by any prescribed actions needed. 

If the spell casting or altar work I hire you to do is not successful, how would you suggest that I proceed next?

We would have to look at why it didn't work, and what's really going on with you, and what you really need.

Do you provide magical coaching services?

Yes I teach and consult.

As a Teacher, what would you advice would you give someone just starting out in Reading/Conjure Work?

My work is more s shamanic and revolves a great deal in working with spirits. My advice would be for them to establish relationships with several spirits that they trust, and to work with those spirits as intermediaries with others spirits, in terms of learning and practicing with them. Spirits can be the greatest teachers we have available. I work with Saint Cyprian for example and he has been extremely helpful.

Additionally, I am the moderator of a St. Cyprian forum on Facebook. I am also the admin for a FB Folk Magic group. I am a published author on magic, animism, and alchemy. I work heavily with perfume and have a magical perfume line through the House of Orpheus business I run. And I am part organizer for the Viridis genii symposium, and an editor for the Book Verdant gnosis.

*google images*

Vesta Home Clearing and Blessings

WOW.... OK, so if you need negative entities, destructive forces, or a House Blessing/Protection - Marcus is your guy!

I would not want to be at the business end of his banishing works that's for sure! 
Though I just might hire him to come to my house and protect it from anything that would cause me to potentially reenact scenes from a Stephen Spielberg or Wes Craven film.

*puts Marcus on speed dial*

You can find Marcus via 1 of 3 outlets: 

*google images*

I don't know about you but I'm going to sleep with the lights on this evening.


*Questions adapted from: AIRR Questionnaire *
*Photos are Property of Marcus McCoy unless otherwise stated