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Showcase Saturday Featured Reader/Rootworker/Conjure Shop: Hoodoo SenMoise & Cresent City Conjure

 Crescent City Conjure.... where to start, where to start...? 
Normally, the individuals and/or shops I blog about I generally have a pretty good working knowledge of their products and services.  However, this time I am at a slight disadvantage as I have not sought out their services BUT I have consulted with some of their customers and I can safely say that there was not a single dissatisfied person in the bunch!

I perused their extensive line of spiritual products.... I could not help myself once I saw (and they advertised on Facebook) the Tough Sh*t Tarot.

I literally could not stop laughing at some of the cards pictured in this deck, and just HAD to add it to my collection. I mean who doesn't love "tough love" readings?! *again, with the laughter*

 I'll blog more about the deck itself a little later... it may just get it's own blog post in the future.
The jury is still out on that as I need to play around with it a little bit more, they incorporate into a reading more like an oracle card than a Major or Minor Arcana.

I just need to stop laughing long enough to use them in a reading 

I was gifted a bottle of their "Van Van oil" and WHOA NELLY! Potent, Powerful, EFFECTIVE stuff

 I dressed myself along with a candle (of course), and went to work one morning to find that not only was a "lackluster employee" let go, therefore opening up a more secure and solid position for me!
*toe curling squee!*

Dang Becky! (Sen Moise).... what did you put in that oil?! 
*maybe I don't want to know* probably a soul of some sort.... 
Gonna let that idea go.

Whatever it is, Everyone needs a bottle in their arsenal. This one is essential in my opinion.
Sen Moise... Feel free to send me a 5 gallon drum of this stuff ;) *LOVE IT*

OK, enough incessant babble on my part.....

 Ladies and Gentlemen, Hoodoo Sen Moise of Crescent City Conjure!

Do you belong to a professional association that requires readers and rootworkers to abide by a code of ethics?
No I do not.

What kinds of readings do you perform?
I read with tarot cards, playing cards, shells and chamalongos

Which of the reading styles you use are most popular with your clients?
Tarot cards and shells.

Who was or were your divination teacher or teachers?
My grandfather, my padrino in palo, my mother in Haitian Vodou and my spirits. 

Do you prescribe spiritual supplies for the people you read for?
I do, when necessary

Do you teach spell-casting or do magical coaching with your reading clients?
I do

How and when did you first hear about hoodoo rootwork?
I was raised in Southern Conjure and have been involved in it for 34 years.  Began at the age of 4 when one of my ancestors came to me and I asked my grandfather about her.

Who was or were your rootwork teacher or teachers?
My grandfather

How long have you been professionally practicing divination, psychic reading, hoodoo rootwork, or conjure doctoring for clients?
I have been practicing for 34 years.  I have done work for folks for 23 years (approximately)

What kinds of hoodoo spell-casting cases have you handled successfully in the past?
I have had success in love work, justice work, cleansing, prosperity, separation, curses, job finding, spirit work, graveyard work, etc.

Can you provide me with any references from among your clients?
Crescent City Conjure will have the latest testimonials.  Others can be found by asking my clients (should they provide permission)
*Actual Names have been omitted to protect privacy. Please contact Crescent City Conjure for a private listing * 
*Facebook Public Public Testimonials*

What are your strong suits as a magical spell caster and rootworker?
Justice work, spirit work, Curses, cleansings and prosperity work

What are your weaknesses as a magical spell caster and rootworker?
Love work typically is not my strong suit, but has panned out pretty well in some cases

Do you have any moral or religious limitations on the kind of magic spells you will perform for others? If so, what are they?

Do you work according to the precepts of a particular religion, and if so, which one?
That would depend.  I am a high priest (Hougan Asogwe) in Haitian Vodou and a Padre Nganga in Palo Mayombe.  I do work on those point but do not mix and match traditions.

How long do you think I should have to wait before I can see results from your spell casting or altar work if we are going to have positive movement?
7 days or less

What could I be doing at home in combination with your rootwork and prayers to improve the chances that my aims and goals will be achieved?
Depends on the type of work but I almost always suggest cleansing and the making of one's declarations regarding the work.  Maybe even praying some psalms, Isaiah or Daniel.

If the spell casting or altar work I hire you to do is not successful, how would you suggest that I proceed next?
I would find out what is going on, perhaps by divination to see if something was missed.  I would also refer to someone else if I know they are more skilled than I am in a specific work.

Do you provide magical coaching services?

As a Teacher, what would you advice would you give someone just starting out in Reading/Conjure Work?
HONOR YOUR ANCESTORS.  Establish a relationship with them.  They are your biggest allies and the very foundation on which you stand.  They also possess an incredible amount of wisdom that you can always grow from, no matter what you are doing.

As I stated before, I have no personal knowledge of their workings and services, I can say that they are amazing at Customer Service and lightning FAST shipping! I think it was 24 hours later I received my Tarot Deck from them; my bank card wasn't even cooled down by the time my package arrived.
Well done Crescent City Conjure! One could only wish all businesses would be this way. 
*le sigh*

Of course I ripped into that package like a freakin savage and was doubled over laughing for the rest of the evening. These cards are not depicted as a traditional Tarot deck, but as I stated before, more like oracle cards where you choose 1 or 2 to tie your reading together... Albeit in the most blunt-to-the-point-sarcastic-way possible.

0 Sugar Coating. These are not cards for the emotionally "weak" or "feeble" feeling.
You have been warned.

*Product Description

Tough Shit Tarot is an intervention for your soul. Use the deck to access your inner bad-assery by accepting what an asshole you can be.
Up until this moment, you probably believed that you have the right to NOT be insulted. Tough Shit Tarot is staging a little intervention for your soul, and it might not be pretty.
It’s hard to hear it, but some of your problems are actually your own fault. The good news is that somewhere under all that annoying shit that you call a personality, you have the wisdom to change. Just pull a random card from the deck and trust in the principle of synchronicity (it’s Jungian- look it up). Let the message on the card help you replace your social unrest with a little spiritual unrest.
Sure you might get a bit agitated, but self- awareness is your ticket to the depths of your inner bad-assery, and you won’t get there until you can explore the depths of what an asshole you can be.
What’s that? You’re not an asshole? Nah…of course not, but we bet you know a few folks who are. Tough Shit Tarot is an awesome gift to share with in-laws, co-workers, cable guys, and anyone who could use a little kick in the soul-crotch.
This deck is not a traditional tarot deck.
**Product Description courtesy of Google**

" Anyone who could use a little kick in the soul-crotch".... I am so done. ::dies of laughter::

Whether you are in the market for some crazy effective Van Van oil (or ANY of their products), a reading, spell work, or a hilarious deck of cards.... Be sure to visit Crescent City Conjure!
Their Facebook Page is very active with updates on products, videos, as well as announcements on event appearances; should you want to meet the talented individuals behind it all :)
Located in New Orleans, Louisiana... they are in the heart and soul of their work and IT SHOWS!

Crescent City Conjure can be found at:
On Instagram: @crescentcityconjure

Thanks so much Sen Moise for the interview and the cards.... words cannot express the sheer joy my "inner heathen" gets from them

My favorite card: "Hold My Weave"
*I lose it every time*


*Questions adapted from: AIRR Questionnaire *
*Photos are Property of Crescent City Conjure unless otherwise stated*

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