Friday, August 19, 2016

Once again... Mercury Retrograde

It's coming that time again for the "Re-Do, Re-Consider, Re-concile, Re-grets, and Re-OMG's"
Yes folks, that dreaded time of year for most: Mercury Retrograde
*insert copious BOOing *
Archived posts on Mercury Retrograde written by me can be found here:
*more links within the post*

*archived post on Mercury Retrograde by Jess Carlson*
There's not really much more I can elaborate on regarding this time(s) of the year but I am happy to announce that not only will my Mercury Retrograde Oil be found at but also Coming SOON to Dr. E Products/!
Stay tuned for availability by Liking and Following them on Facebook:
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Information on Mercury Retrograde Setting of Light Service

The Mystic Dream currently offers and Dr. E Products will be offering a Mercury Retrograde Setting of Lights using my Mercury Retrograde Oil :)
So make sure you get your orders in because once the oils are gone, I do not make or offer them again until AFTER Mercury goes DIRECT.
Buckle Up, Batten Down the hatches, get your oils, candles set, and enjoy the ride!
*as much as one can during this time*

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