Sunday, June 19, 2016

*Ding! Ding! Ding!* We have some WINNERS!

Winner Winner Hoodoo Dinner? Not exactly, but one could say it is a "Feast for the eyes AND ears"
*Ba Dum Ching*

After 2 weeks the wait is finally over and Winners have been chosen! *Yay*

6 Lucky Runner Ups who have won a Free 15 Minute Reading with a Featured Reader at the 2016 Hoodoo Heritage Festival are as follows:

Winner of a 15 Minute Reading with Candelo Kimbisa:  Darrin Owens!

Winner of a 15 Minute Reading with Miss Michaele: Andrea Weston!

Winner of a 15 Minute Reading with Professor Ames: Vicky Gutierrez!

Winner of a 15 Minute Reading with Papa Newt: Venu Carney!

Winner of a 15 Minute Reading with  Professor Porterfield: Tiffany Hosenfeld Marialke!

Winner of a 15 Minute Reading with Kast Excelsior: Marcus Fisher!

*Winners can contact their respective readers via the links attached to their names*

Congrats guys & gals!!!!
Now onto the Grand Prize Winner...

The Winner of:
"The Sporting Life" by Professor Porterfield
"North Asian Magic" by David Shi
"Legends of Incense, Herb, & Oil" by Lewis de Claremont
"Crystal Magic" by Rev. Jon Saint Germain 

a complete set of Spell Handouts:
Bone Reading: Interpreting Groups by Michele Jackson
How can we remember?: Harry Hyatt and Hoodoo by Catherine Yronwode
Sew Much Hoodoo: Textiles in Conjure by Gabrielle Swain
Voices of Hyatt by Catherine Yronwode
Dem Dry Bones: Osteomantic and Necromantic Curios by Kast Excelsior
Teas and Tisanes as Hoodoo Potions by Madame Pamita
How to use Charms, Amulets, and Talismans by Ms. Robin
Cleansing, Blessing, and Protection for your Home by Ambrozine LeGare
Social Justice Spells by Beverly Smith, Jamila Jones, Miss Michaele, Candelo Kimbisa, Angela Horner, Professor Porterfield, and Papa Lou
A Closing Circle by Catherine Yronwode

AND a 15 Minute Reading with Mama E!

*Drum Roll*

The Grand Prize Winner is....

*Yes... the names were all chosen at random out of this pretty pink bowl*

Congrats and a giant WOOHOO! go out to Zen Rez!

Thanks so much for reading and sharing this blog post <3 
I hope you enjoy your prize, and sorry in advance if in the future you need glasses, contacts, Lasix surgery brought upon the hours and hours, and HOURS of reading you will be enduring in the coming days, weeks... months... depending on how fast/slow of a reader you are... *no judgements*

But Hey.. Maybe Mama E can look into that for you in your Reading with her! ;)

THANK YOU EVERYONE for the Likes, Shares, and reading my blog... it means a lot!

An even BIGGER Thank You goes out to the Readers who donated their time for this Contest, Miss Cat for the donation of materials, and those that help put on and keep the Hoodoo Heritage Festival going each year.

Remember this festival is only going to be offered (if memory serves me correctly) only 4 more times, then it's gone for good :(
So, if you weren't able to make it this year, or in previous years, Try your best to come before it's too late!

If you like what you saw in my previous postings (there are archived postings of previous years event's), Come on out for next year's Festival!

It is worth it! 
The friendships, the networking opportunities, the learning, the SHOPPING (you hear me ladies... I got you!).... The Experience.
My pictures and words don't do it justice. Come see for yourself.

To receive updates as to when the next Hoodoo Heritage Festival is and other helpful information, be sure to subscribe to the Lucky Mojo Curio Co. Newsletter.

There is a Monthly Coupon for a selected line of magical goodies!
Coupon = Savings! *Who doesn't love a bargain?!*

Answer = YOU DO or you wouldn't have entered for FREE stuff here!
*BUSTED* haha!

It's OK... I'd enter too... it's a pretty awesome contest :D

In other news: *Coming SOON*

An "Updated Rendition" to the "Reader/Rootworker of the Month" posts that used to be featured on my blog; is now going to be a "Reader/Worker Spotlight" posting instead.

This will afford talented individuals from ALL Practices and Paths (not just Hoodoo) to be interviewed and showcased more frequently than once a month on my blog for your reading pleasure and potential hire :)

So stay tuned for those exciting posts because I have some STELLAR individuals that will be published here in the coming weeks!
*Spoiler Alert* = Some posts will have Giveaways attached to them!

Thanks again everyone!

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