Monday, April 18, 2016

Bottles and Bottles of Oils Oh my!

SO... I have been getting numerous requests IF and WHEN I would be making my Mercury Retrograde Oil available again, and the answer to that is: Soon!

I finally got my shipment of bottles in, have been busily decanting oil into them, and have shipped them off to be sold online through Papa Newt!

He has been so kind as to offer these babies up for purchase on his website in the near future.
He is currently working on his St. Expedite preparations which have kept him quite busy!

As soon as they are made available, I will post an update along with a link to the oil.

*Please Note: Currently these oils and other goods offered on Papa Newt's site are only available to U.S. residents at this time. This may change in the future*

Here is some information and archived posts on Mercury Retrograde:

For those who cannot set lights for themselves during Mercury Retrograde (or any other time of year), or don't want a bottle of oil just sitting around waiting for the next Retrograde, The Mystic Dream offers a wonderful Vigil Setting Service that I myself have used a multitude of times for a multitude of situations in the past with wonderful results :)
*Outstanding Customer Service as well*

I hope this blog post and links of interest helps... I'm off to prepare for the St. Expedite Feast Day tomorrow!

In case you need the link again to Papa Newt's link on submitting your petition to St. Expedite...


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