Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Oils have landed!

*Disclaimer: Mercury Retrograde Oils are made in Limited Quantities and will not be produced during an active Retrograde, so get yours while supplies last!*


It is my honor to announce that as of earlier today my Mercury Retrograde Oil is now available on!

I cannot even tell you how excited and deeply touched that Papa Newt expressed an interest in carrying my favorite Oil for my least favorite time of the year.

*you can read more about that here*

As I stated above, there are limited quantities of this oil, so once they sell out, they will not be restocked until after Mercury goes Direct.

As I rule, I do not craft these oils during the active Retrograde, and so far that has served myself and those who use it, well.

Link to 2016 Mercury Retrograde Dates and other info:

In other news....
                                          Coming Soon to Papa!

My other favorite oil to create is my Ganesh Oil <3
I get super happy and smiley when I bust out my incense, saffron, oils, and other Ganesh goodies to craft this "work of art".

Seriously, how could you NOT get deliriously happy  when you are listening to this "lyrical masterpiece" dedicated to this obstacle removing Deity??

*YES, I listen to this while creating my Ganesh oil*

I like to imagine that while I am making the oil, and singing along to this song, that Ganesh is all too happy to knock out whatever obstacle that is standing in your way. Because I get into a ridiculously good mood making this stuff.

*Side Note: Thank GOD or Ganesh (no pun intended lol) that Simon Cowell is no where nearby while I am "singing"... just going to leave it at that ;)

So keep your peepers peeled for my Ganesh Oil to hit the virtual shelves at in the VERY near future!


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