Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pomp & Conjure Circumstance

A long awaited time has finally come to pass... my "graduation" from Miss Cat Yronwode's Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course; as of Friday Dec. 9, 2012.

That week leading up to that day was the LONGEST in my life.. I swear. But there was also a big part of me that felt kind of sad.

*my last 2 homework submissions*

Sad that in the fact that I was no longer going to be an official student, sad that I was feeling kind of like a baby bird being pushed out of the nest, and especially sad that I had to let go of my 2 precious assignments that I was particularly proud of; my Evil Eye Protection Mojo Bag and matching Oil.

*breathtaking aren't they?*
Ok.. the "baby bird" analogy was a bit much but one cannot know their full potential unless forced to fly on their own at some point.
However!... There is the Apprenticeships that I still have yet to take and most certainly will be attending.
 I am most definitely excited to partake in more schooling from Miss Cat and her amazing staff doing hands on learning right there in the shop :)

*Always a Silver Lining. You just have to look for it!*

*I darn near cried just then*

 When the time came, and Nagasiva had set my 2 white boxes containing my homework submissions in front of Miss Cat, I got a lump in my throat and was pretty nervous as this was my "make it or break it" moment.

My pass or fail all hinged on Miss Cat's discerning opinion, for which I regard highly. Obviously.
So when she had commented so graciously on my oil, verbally and on paper, I was just stunned. I HAD to take a pic of it, I was so proud. I had to take a few as I was a little shaky from being so excited :)

Yes I know, I make a big damn deal out of something that most wouldn't be THIS ecstatic over, but this is genuine for me.
As I have stated before, Miss Cat really helped me help myself out of a time in my life where everything was getting bleak really fast, and I felt suffocated.

She was patient and kind to me, and was there to help guide and teach me inside and out of her correspondence course. I really wanted to in a sense make her proud. That I wasn't going to be one of those students that didn't take pride in their work, that didn't take their studies seriously, or did half-assed hoodoo.

I'm a true Capricorn, it doesn't work that way for me. Oh and I am very "Type A" if you couldn't already tell.

Not only did I pass, but I also got to applaud my own commencement. That felt a little conceited and weird of me to do, but oh well :)
As an added bonus as a graduate, I can now use the "Certified Practitioner" logo on my avatar/logo/profile pic.

"Using "Certified Practitioner" Badges here -- and elsewhere.

Postby catherineyronwode » Sun Sep 04, 2011 9:23 am
I know that not everyone who takes my course has an interest in becoming a professional reader or rootworker, and what follows is written primarily for those who have set their sights on earning a living as conjure doctors.


The word "certificate" refers to the paper certificates i give to those who complete my course.

I also give certificates to those who have completed my three-week hands-on Apprenticeship program.

I wish to make it very clear, because angry and jealous voices have stated that i claim otherwise, that a graduation certificate from the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course or Apprenticeship Program carries no implication that i claim to "certify" a root doctor's personal spiritual work or his natural gifts from Spirit.


When Lara Rivera was paid to design the Lucky Mojo Forum, she wanted to make a way for moderators (all of whom are HRCC grads) and non-moderators (some of whom who are HRCC grads) to be identified, should they choose to be identified as such in the forum, as credible responders rather than just other newbies to hoodoo or inexperienced mages.

She created -- and i approved -- the "Certified Practitioner" logo badges that a number of course graduates and moderators use as avatars or as a portion of their avatars at the Lucky Mojo Forum.

Anyone who is an HRCC grad can use this badge at the Lucky Mojo Forum -- or on their personal web pages. No one is required to.

In other words, the Lucky Mojo "certified practitioner" Forum and web page badges are for optional use by all course grads at the forum for two reasons:

(1) The badges help newbies distinguish replies to their questions as coming from helpers with a sound knowledge base (e.g. course grads) versus coming from random fellow-newbies.

(2) Forum badges do not imply matriculation in any sort of program for certification of gifts of the spirit, such as might be conveyed by a License to Preach the Gospel, Ordination as a Minister, or graduation as a Doctor of Divinity, but they help my students build their reputations in the field through visual identification in a forum that is home to literally thousands of prospective clients; thus the badges were approved by me for my grads to combine with their personal avatars as part of a long-term career-building strategy for those who intend to become professional rootworkers.


The term "certified practitioner" is used at the AIRR site to Indicate that the worker has achieved a known standard of proficiency in conjure by graduating from the HRCC program and that we as a group believe the worker to be conducting his or her root doctoring business in accord with our stated ethical and moral standards. It is important to note that AIRR certifies that the worker's *business skills* and *business practices* -- the way the worker interacts with clients who seek readings via email and telephone -- are up to our standards.

Again, there is no implication that AIRR somehow claims to "certify" anyone's natural gifts of the spirit.


Nothing is more discouraging to a novice worker than to hang out a shingle and get no clients. I would like to help you jump that hurdle.

1) I encourage my grads who wish to apply to AIRR once they have the requisite two years of rootworking experience to use the "Certified Practitioner" badges and also to become mods at the Lucky Mojo Forum in order to attract the notice of potential clients, so that when you join AIRR, you will have a good potential client-base through prior contacts at the 5,000-member Lucky Mojo Forum. By working for a year or two within the give-and-take of the Lucky Mojo Forum (and other forums as well, including MyHoodooSpace and OldStyleConjure) you will become known to potential clients.

2) By keeping one single uniform professional-name or real-name presence at all public sites, including the Lucky Mojo Forum, Blogtalkradio, MyHoodooSpace, OldStyleConjure, Facebook, Twitter, and your own web site, you are building a real reputation and you will have the best chance of attracting clients from the get-go. Do not split the public's attention by using multiple names. Use one name and stick to it everywhere and always.


cat yronwode
catherine yronwode
User avatar
Site Owner "

I also decided on "graduating" from being known as "Love Potion" on Facebook to now a more mature, professional "Coastside Conjure".
*This will also be covered in another blog posting*

I am still the same person, still the same blogger, still the same individual who will always be in search for more learning and knowledge in Hoodoo and it's practices.
Even though I have the certificate, by no means do I think I am a "Seasoned Pro" or even a "Professional".
I just have some of the essential skills mastered enough to get me started, and now have the prerequisites to learn "Hands On" with one of The Best in Hoodoo... my mentor, Miss Cat Yronwode.

 Here is to closing the door to one chapter, and opening a series more :)
This does not mean I will quit blogging, I am still very much and always will be a "student". So no need to fret my lovelies... There will be more adventures in Hoodoo to come. And more exciting "blog share" giveaways!

January's is gonna be AWESOME!

As always, Stay Tuned!

Love Potion #9


  1. Congratulations! And thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. Congratulations! Will you be selling products online?

  3. Thanks to both of you! @ achtung baby (U2 is one of my fav bands btw)
    Right now, I will be focusing on practicing getting more proficient at the craft before offering my own products online. But Yes, in the future I will. For now I will still be promoting and gifting Lucky Mojo and other established products/services :)