Saturday, November 10, 2012

Greetings & Salutations!

I am finally getting around to writing my Hoodoo Student Blog… Yay! And I have the fortunate ability of doing so at Lucky Mojo Curio Co. as I had an early day from work today, so I decided to pack up my laptop and make my way to one of my most favorite places on the planet!

A little about myself and how I got involved in the practice of Hoodoo…
As a young child I had always had a fascination with Magic, Tarot Cards, Crystal Balls, and Psychic’s but kept most all of that to myself with the exception of a rather LARGE telephone bill from a Psychic Hotline that my mom got in the mail once… Yeah, my rear end felt the pain of that for days.
So I sort of shelved my obsession with the Metaphysical Arts until my later years.
Fast forward to 1997, I was living in Texas at the time and fueled by a current “love relationship”, I found a small store in Dallas that catered to the Hoodoo tradition.  There I decided on a Red 7 Knob Candle, a Love anointing oil, and a book on candle burning magic for my first spell working. The shop owner didn’t help me much at all so I was on my own for this little endeavor.

When I got home, I voraciously read my book from cover to cover religiously going over how to correctly execute my Love Spell.

I wrote out my petition, I oiled up my candle, and for 7 days I concentrated on and voiced my desires as I lit each knob.
In the end, it took maybe a day or two after the candle was completely consumed to achieve my results. So I thought.
The spell was to get my current boyfriend to propose to me, and he did! But that was it. No actual marriage took place. Initially I thought the spell had failed when it actually hadn’t.
It was a lesson in learning how to correctly ask/petition for what I wanted.
I did not pursue any further workings on the relationship or my boyfriend at that time as the relationship took a turn for the worst. It turned out that there was someone else involved, and actually I had been “the other woman”! I received a very nasty message on my voicemail one day from a girl who stated that I needed to leave her boyfriend alone, that he is not interested in me, and told me where I could “go”.
That was the end and the last time I ever talked to or saw him again. Good riddance I say!
Another lesson learned: Get a reading on the situation that you want to attempt any kind of magical working on. You never know what could be lurking in the background!
Moving into 2005, I found myself in dire straits with an abusive husband whom I was desperately trying to get a divorce and get away from.
I had an attorney, the papers filed, and served to the bastard (trust me, I am being nice in that description) but he wasn’t about to budge. He wanted to retain his marital status so that he could work the military dependent system and receive additional housing allowance for legally still having a dependent (me) even though we weren’t living together. He was too busy shacking up with his “mistress” at the time.
I initially went looking on the internet for Voodoo Practioners  that would pack a mean punch because I knew what I was up against with this man.
In trying to google one up, I came across the Lucky Mojo Curio Co. in Forestville, Ca.

I had poured over their website for about 2 hours before giving them a call to see if they could help.
At the time, the owner Catherine “Cat” Yronwode was working the counter at the shop and answered the phone. After speaking to her for about 10 minutes, she instructed me to make my way up to the shop where she could help me. I hung up the phone, and I made the 2 hour trip up north.
God Bless this woman!... When I showed up I was an absolute wreck. I was in tears, shaking. I got there just as they were closing but seeing as she knew I was coming, she kept the door open for me.
Myself and another gentleman who was there because he was out of work and needed some items for “Money Drawing” etc. were her last 2 customers, upon my arrival, Cat showed me vigil candles, how to interpret them, various spell kits, and additional items that could help my situation.
She lit 3-4 vigils for me in the shop (the church was not yet built at that time), sold me my first Lucky Mojo spell kit “Cut and Clear” along with the items needed to perform the Black Walnut Bath.
While in the shop, the other customer and I exchanged stories as well as Yahoo IM information to keep in touch by.
It was when I got home, is when things got real interesting! I got an Instant Message from this man (forgot his name now) telling me that the minute I left the store ALL of my vigil lights went out and that Cat had to re-wick them 3 times… Not Good.
I called her the next day to ask her about that and she confirmed that I had heavy opposition against me, but with continual work on the situation, I could prevail.
With that, I did my cleansing baths, my spell kit, and kept vigils consistently going at the shop.
In the end, it all worked! I got my divorce, and as it turned out, my ex in-laws had kept my existence a secret from his current wife at the time (they divorced due to my ex being himself) and I couldn’t figure out why or how this woman never knew about me until later on.
Easy… I did “Stop Gossip” work on a consistent basis as well. I forgot about that until one day I had an epiphany and called Cat to ask about that. She confirmed that Yes, the “Stop Gossip” indeed was a success in keeping their mouths shut. ALL of them.
Which is a real feat considering that the whole family are the biggest “gossips” ever lived.
Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it!
I honestly do not know how I would have done it all without Lucky Mojo and Cat’s help. Not only did she keep the door open for me in my time of need, but she listened without prejudice and genuinely cared about me and what I was going through.
She took the time to carefully pick and suggest products, rituals, etc. that fit my needs and would give me the best chance at success in getting rid of my abusive husband and getting my life back.
I have been a loyal patron of Lucky Mojo since 2005, I am their 41st, and according to Cat, I am their oldest customer that shops in person at the store.
And most recently her student!
It has taken me this long to finally decide to enroll in her Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course for one major reason… that being that even though I DID get my divorce, sadly my dysfunctional ex still stalks me and keeps tabs on everything I do. I didn’t want him to know anything more about me and what I was up to in life so I kept putting it off.  Your real name is published within a closed Yahoo Group for the students of the course. I didn’t want to take the risk of running into someone that knows my ex or even my ex himself. *Another reason my real identity will remain anonymous on this public blog*

So far, so good. I just decided to throw caution to the wind and not let that a-hole ruin anymore of my life, or my happiness. I have since turned in 3 homework assignments (all passed) and I am turning in 3 more tonight *crosses fingers*
The purpose and scope of my blog is to give readers a “Hoodoo Student’s perspective” with emphasis on Lucky Mojo products and services as I am a self-professed “uber-fan” , and I will always be forever grateful for Cat and her staff for helping me achieve my life goals whatever those might be.
In addition to that, I am going to feature a “Product of the Month” as well as a “Reader/Rootworker of the Month” that will showcase a particular Reader/Rootworker’s talents, abilities, products,  and the services that they offer.
Most all will be members of AIRR or graduates of the Lucky Mojo Rootwork Correspondence Course as these are folks that have shown the capacity for Rootwork and display a high moral ethic. I say this as Cat does not let just anyone take her course, and one has to abide by strict guidelines to be accepted into the AIRR. I tend to trust that and those that have passed that criteria.
But at times, I will advertise those that aren’t.  Not every successful Rootworker is a graduate or a member of AIRR, but those I choose will be few and far between. Just my personal preference.
For obvious reasons I will try to limit these postings to items, services, readers/rootworker’s that I have had experience with so that I can give an informed opinion on.
I won’t give a testimonial about something I have no personal working knowledge of. I promise you that.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Lucky Mojo Curio Co. aside from being a student and customer. No, I am not getting paid for endorsing their products or services. Again, I have tremendous faith in Lucky Mojo and all that it serves. Again this is my own personal opinion; you don’t have to take my word for it.
That being said, Thank You for being so patient while I have been busy with learning a new job at work, my 2-3 hour commutes home, and life in general that keep getting in the way of my blogging time.
No more excuses… and here I am !
Let the Hoodooing Begin!

Love Potion #9
P.S. To indulge my “inner child” I have garnered quite a collection of Tarot & Oracle cards over the years, and most recently a Crystal Ball :)

No more Psychic Phone Lines for me!
 *do you hear that Mom?*


  1. Very excited to read this!! I am really looking forward to seeing how you go plus your ideas about adding testimonials about related issues sound really interesting :) So pleased you are on the path and that you are leaving such sadness behind. xxx

  2. Wow Thanks Jen! That means so much to me :) And I hope that I don't let you or anyone else down. I am going to try my best that is for sure :)

  3. Whatever you write will be so interesting I know - go for it!

  4. Thank you for your faith in me! It is appreciated!