Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hoodoo Homework Grading Party

Yesterday I had the good fortune to have been able to attend a Lucky Mojo Homework Grading Party with Cat & Nagasiva complete with a gourmet pizza dinner and some amazing homework assignments that were turned in.

It was very interesting to get to hear all of the various answers to the homework questions; my favorites being the "family folklore" and how the students came to doing magic. Although there was an Anointing Oil that was designed for Money/Attraction work that smelled divine! I would have loved to have just shoved the whole bottle up my nostrils and been in heaven. I would pay good money for that oil. See? It works!
That students oil was Outstanding! I would love to get my mitts on that recipe. Whomever you are... all I have to say is Well Done! You are going places in my book!

I was also very blessed to have gotten to commune with Cat & Nagasiva one on one, and it is always a learning experience when speaking to either one of them. It is incredible the amount of knowledge that these two hold. I swear they could rule the world.

I could sit for hours and just soak it all up and never be bored. True Story.

A gift from Nagasiva; a Howlite Skull Bead :)

Towards the end of the homework submissions, one student had handed in all 8 of the assignments in a binder, all pages in page protectors, neatly typewritten, and her curios all individually bagged and tagged in a box. At this point I am feeling like a total slacker.

For someone who is so very "Type A", this made me look LAY Z! I just wanted to hang my head in shame lol... and of course, I voiced this opinion of mine to which I was told not to compare myself to others.

This is true, no one should be doing that but DANG Becky!... had I known, I would have Done. That. Shit. Up!
*sigh* Oh Well.. no use in crying over it now.
Moving on...

Moments later Cat materializes with 3 of her most impressive homework submissions, and all I can say is WOW! I wish I could give a description of them that would do justice but it would take me too long. No Joke.

I did ask of I could photograph them and was declined as that would be a breach of Privacy and I respect that. But these were nothing short of spectacular. I was just in awe.

I think the "Word of the Day" for me was "WOW".

Afterwards, I made my long drive home with a full stomach and memories of a great night spent at Lucky Mojo Curio Co. I can't wait for next month's homework party as this one will be where I submit my last 2 homework assignments and if all goes well.... Graduate!

But I will forever be a "student". I am always wanting to learn and grow, so this will be a continual process and I'm glad I have some great teachers and friends to guide me on my path wherever that may take me :)

For now, I am going to start my course book from the beginning once more, and spend some time reading it over .

I have a few ideas for some things I would like to try to create, but that is another blog post in the works ;)

Tomorrow... Blogtalk Radio Sunday! Cannot Wait!

Love Potion #9


  1. Sounds like a fantastic gathering - thank you for sharing and good luck with your assignments :)

  2. I've been considering taking this course. This gives me even more desire to do so.

  3. @ Jen: No problem! I love sharing with others and next month... I just MAY be a Graduate but I will continue to blog my Hoodooing here as again, I will always be a student in this practice.

    @ Katherine: Go for it! It is absolutely amazing and in my opinion an Essential to a formal learning of Hoodoo Rootworking. The information and guidance has been a God Send to me personally. While you can absolutely learn from other Rootworkers if that is your prefrence. The cost is VERY affordable for what you get. Let me know if you decide to become a student :)