Monday, November 12, 2012

Featured Readers & Rootworkers

Each month I would like to feature a select Reader/Rootworker that I have personally gotten a reading or had rootworking prescribed or done by.

As I stated previously, most all of these individuals will be members of the AIRR as these people have gone through stringent testing and had to pass a strict criteria through Cat and her board members.
It's not like going to Costco where you pay a membership fee, take a pic, and Viola' you are a member.

Not even close.

In trying to come up with a comprehensive list of questions, I kept falling short of what I really wanted to be answered. So I "hijacked" the listing that is shown on the AIRR website.

Who better to to know which pressing questions to ask then them?!

This site has an AMAZING amount of great information to be utilized. I wished this had been around years ago when I had been a victim of a "Gypsy Scam".
Oh Yeah... scammed and scared out of A LOT of money, and also one "Worker" tried to convince me to come to his house and let him physically BATHE me in the NUDE in his tub for spiritual cleansing rites.  That never did happen because at that point, I was DONE. Never contacted him again.
My neighbor fared worse though. She ended up having to declare Bankruptcy due to a Psychic Scammer. *Tsk Tsk*

100% Guaranteed Results, Never Failed a Client! = RUN. FAR. AWAY. Screaming if you have to...

*Results in 1-3 hours?!* Do they have God on Speed Dial or something???

Gypsy Scammer information here:
*Essential Reading*

AIRR Members are held to the highest code of ethics. Should one of them backslide and engage in "shady" practices, they will be promptly excused from the association. This is an exclusive group of people...

The Metaphysical Elite as I like to call them. I may need to take up sewing here soon and make them all capes *haha*

You won't find people there who are going to charge you for a $400.00 candle or tell you that you need to send them a Rolex Watch so that they can "turn back the hands of time". Yes folks... this had happened to me.
*Please keep in mind that these readers/rootworkers are in high demand for their time and it is not at all uncommon to have to wait a little bit for a reading or rootwork.*

Stay tuned for this month's Reader/Rootworker!

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  1. Thank you so much! More people need to be aware of scammers. and it is discouraging when people ask, "How accurate are you?" or "Do you guarantee results? So-and-so has 98% accuracy". REALLY? How can you measure results like that? I usually say, "There are no guarantees in life. But I promise you I'll do my best".

  2. Unfortunately, there are those unethical individuals who publish themselves as being 110% accurate, Never failed a client, Guaranteed results, that have caused this uproar.

    People want to believe them, so they hold others to the same standard. I don't understand it myself, but I guess when one is in times of despair, they will look for an "oasis" in the desert... even though they know it doesn't exist.