Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blogtalk Sundays. Tune In!

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!... Yes folks, it is that time for everyone to tune in to the Lucky Mojo Rootwork Hour on Blogtalk Radio.

Barring a major medical emergency or natural disasters, I can be found online, tuned in, and in the chat room under the name "CandleMagic".

So I may not be blogging on Sunday's much if at all as I too need to take a sabbatical and also rearrange my Sundays around the radio show. *A girl has to have priorities*
It is always interesting to hear the readings and the prescribed rootwork given.
The chat room is an all time favorite. Many folks there are readers as well and out of the kindness of their hearts will also "read along" with those on the show. That is where it gets real interesting. Not everyone uses the same types of Divination but it is amazing when the end result/predictions are pretty much if not all the same.

Gives me goosebumps!

I have cards that I read but right now I am a bit intimidated and out of my league amongst these "seasoned elite" as I like to refer to them as. So for now, I will continue to hone my craft and observe. I pull my cards while the readings are going on, but I keep my results to myself ;)

Maybe one day you will hear me as a guest reader on the show but for now, Im happy just listening and most importantly - Learning!

3pm PST, 6pm ET

It is open for everyone to listen to, and if you would like to be on the show to get a reading, you can do so by filling out this application found on the Lucky Mojo Forum (Click Link Below):

And ohhh the Jug Band Waltz... how I love to hear that melody!

It reminds me of when I was a kid and one of my favorite shows was "Flipper". I would get all excited when I would hear the intro music come on and see the dolphin swimming as well as the animated waves of water that were added to the opening of the show, But when I would hear the music that indicated the ending of the show... that was when I had my mini-meltdown. I was not ready for or wanting that show to end so I would sob and cry until my mom told me that it would inevitably be on again.

Well, thats kind of how I feel about the radio show... just without the adolescent hysterics when the show ends (I still get a little sad tho). But I still get super excited when I hear the music start! Think Toy Breed Dogs when they are excited to see their owners  :)

See you in the chat room!

Love Potion #9


  1. Love your blog! Wasn't last night's show great? It was amazing that the readings all pretty much said the same thing. I will be starting the course soon and look forward to learning with you. Have fun!

  2. Thanks so much! Every show is fantastic in my opinion (LOL). You will love the course and be sure to turn in your homework :) It is surprising how many people take the course and don't turn theirs in :(
    Best of luck to you and glad that you enjoy my blog :) I really enjoy writing it.