Monday, November 12, 2012

Product of the Month: Cut and Clear

Product of the Month: Cut & Clear

I had touched upon this product in my very first blog posting but I will elaborate on this just a bit more here.

Before I get into that, I want to clarify first that I will not give out the instructions or ingredients in the spell kits so please don't ask. It's not going to happen.

The kits are incredibly affordable for what you get and what they are designed for... Trust me on this!

The Cut & Clear spell is generally worked by removing energies left over from an ex-lover. This is done when you have problems letting go, or getting rid of their energy that's just dangling around still. It could be also used to get them out of your life if they keep hanging around as well.
Essentially this is the spell to cut ties. The caveat to this spell is that you have to be ready and willing to cut all ties and LET GO or it won't work. So I would not recommend purchasing this until you know for sure without a doubt you are ready to move on and not look back.

If you are not in the above mentioned mind frame, I do not believe that this would work very well if at all for you. But if you are indeed ready and willing, IT WORKS!

Spell work is not only a patience learning task as no spell will always just manifest at a twinkle of a nose, but also requires much focus and a strong will on the petitioners part.

This was a God Send for me as not only did it help me let go of the tremendous hurt of my then husband cheating on me and supporting another woman and her kids, but it also cut and cleared him out of my life. Never to be seen again.
Also, at Cat's urging, I performed the Black Walnut Bath (A Magic Spell to fall out of love with your ex-lover or cast out a worthless family member forever) *click above link to be directed to that spell*

The Cut & Clear spell was the very first spell kit that I had purchased and worked from Lucky Mojo. It was a life saver for me, and I think every practitioner should have this in their arsenal.
I actually need to get another kit w/ Black Walnuts (sold separately) to keep on hand because life is funny sometimes and you never know when you are going to need that "Spiritual Band Aid" to help heal the hurt from an undesirable love situation.

Lucky Mojo offers a ton of free spells on their website as well as a wealth of information on their forums.
And because I am such a nice person, I will do the leg work for you and post the corresponding links here :)

It has been since 2005 that I used this kit so I couldn't give you any kind of time frame that this worked for me, but just know it did the trick. I do know that the tears stopped flowing and I was able to let go of the hurt more easily and move on. That last part seems to be the biggest crutch for a lot of people.
But I am here to tell you that you CAN do that with this spell... But only if you are ready.

In the end, you are cutting and clearing away the relationship crap in your life only to make way and room for someone that much BETTER!
Of course, this spell or any other spell(s) are not to be used as substitutes for Medical, Legal, etc. advice or Professional help that you may be in need of.

Stay Tuned for next month's "Product of the Month".

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