Friday, November 16, 2012

Mercury Retrograde *Blech*

"Mercury the messenger planet of communication and thinking is moving backwards through the zodiac… But what exactly does this mean and how can we best utilize this influence?
A planet is given the term ‘retrograde’ when it ‘appears’ to be moving backwards. Each planet retrogrades except the sun and the moon and it is during this cycle that a planets influence is most powerful.

 Be aware of potential technical glitches, travel or postal delays, even the breakdown of cars, buses and trains. It's not all doom and gloom. There are also very positive aspects we can work with during this time. We have the opportunity to slow down, to analyze, review, reassess and reconnect. In this time of retrospection, any unresolved issues from the past can also resurface, allowing us to re look at the situation and see things differently."

However, this is my LEAST favorite time of year and I have the hardest time seeing the "hidden blessings" in the pitfalls of Mercury Retrograde. I know that there are necessary losses in life, but Dayum! I just heard of 3 friends of mine all getting into automobile accidents, one even breaking some bones in the process... Tell me where the benefit to that is? It's not like she met a hot doctor that swept her off her broken feet as a result... And I haven't gotten any reports from Fashion Week or Vogue that casts were all the rage this season. So please forgive me if I seem rather "ill tempered" when touching upon this subject.

Now, I am not one that likes to play the "Victim", but rather be the "Victor" in situations like this.
I haven't been able to find an official Mercury Retrograde spell, so I have concocted my own ritual for these dreaded weeks of miscommunication and disaster.

As with any altar work, always cleanse and bless your space and I did just that with Florida and Peace Waters.
On a daily basis I burn an Orange 4 in. taper candle dressed with Van Van, Road Opener, and Mercury Oils for cleansing, blessing, to keep ones roads open, and communication. For which all of that is typically closed off or goes "wonky" during a Retrograde.

I also have a spray bottle with Peace Water in it to spray in areas that I will be in when having to communicating or dealing with others as Retrogrades tend to cause A LOT of arguments and misunderstandings.

I anoint myself with the above listed oils and mix the same Bath Salts for spiritual cleansing each week, or more often if things are especially rough. Another little trick I use is taking the salts and diluting them in water, dispensing it into a spray bottle and using it just as I would with the Peace Water to try to alleviate the effects of Mercury Retrograde. Peace Water keeps the peace, but I want something that deals with the problem itself; not just appease those around me. You can only give out a "Spiritual Lollipop" for so long before someone gets a "toothache".

Treat the problem, not just the symptom!

A listing of helpful links dealing with Mercury Retrograde:

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February 13 - March 17
July 1 - 20
October 21 - November 10
March 12 - April 4
July 14 - August 8
November 6 - November 26

Ideally I would keep an Orange 7 Day Vigil candle that is blessed and dressed for Mercury Retrograde but I am gone most of the day 5 days a week so it is not exactly wise to me to leave an unattended candle burning as well as I have to practice my Hoodoo in private, my roommate would not take too kindly if I burned her house down if something crazy happened like a spark flying from the candle flame catching something on fire.
It IS Mercury Retrograde after all!

You can always place your lit candles in your bath tub or kitchen sink should you want to keep a vigil going, but if you can't do any of that... Not all hope is lost!
 Not only can Lucky Mojo dress, bless, and set lights for you, but there is also a worker by the name of Deacon Millet of 4 Altars Church who offers a specific candle for Mercury Retrograde :)
*Look for "Mercury Direct" candle service*

Bottom line: This time(s) of year forces us to look back, reflect, reassess, and reorganize our life.
As a Capricorn I don't like to be forced to do anything, even if it is for my own good. I don't have time to "reflect, look back, etc." because I'm too hard wired to forge ahead and climb to the top (of whatever that may be). This time of year makes me want to kick Mercury in the "planetary butt" with a spiked golf shoe.
*sorry for the explicit description*

Love Potion #9

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