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Honoring Dr. E

*Dr. E at the 2013 Missionary Independent Spiritual Church Hoodoo Rootwork Workshop Weekend
inside the Worlds Smallest Church*

Wow... Where to begin. How to begin?...

January 14, 2014 the conjure world felt a great loss with the passing of  Dr.E.
Dr. E succumbed to a major heart attack at the age of 38; too young.. too soon.

I did not know too much of his life serving in the Lucumi religion, but knew him more on a personal level and practicing as a Root Worker.

I first met him at the 2012 Missionary Independent Spiritual Church Hoodoo Rootwork Workshops where he led the Road Opening Ceremony working with Ellegua.

After asking Ellegua to open the roads for a successful weekend, the "cleansings" commenced

*Dr.E cleansing Brother Lou*

I didn't have too much interaction with him that first year of meeting him; I must admit I felt a tad intimidated by him, which now I see that he was anything but. 

I had a much closer relationship with Dr.E in 2013, at PantheaCon. I consulted him on a few cases I was working on where he was more than happy to help me fine tune my workings as well as customizing some spell work in order to give me the best results possible.
He was not shy about telling me the truth on some things. The harsh reality that there are things that conjure just can't touch.

I loved the fact that he pulled no punches, no false promises, no "sugar coating" a lie. But took the opportunity to explain and show to you that even tragedy's have their silver linings.... That in death there is re-birth.

Oh the irony here... 

*the very first photograph I took of Dr.E*
Collecting herbs at the Lucky Mojo Curio Co.

We kept in touch via email and Facebook, as well as tuning into the various BlogTalk Radio shows that he would be featured on to listen and learn.
Dr. E was an amazing and charismatic Teacher. I always looked forward to taking his classes at the workshop weekend at LMCC as there was always something new to learn from him. He had an amazing gift of knowledge (seriously... there isn't much this man didn't know) as well as how to engage people.
His sense of humor, this is what I will miss about him the most.

*Dr.E's Oil Lamp Making Class*

While I am still incredibly sad over the passing of this extremely talented man, I am also very proud to be a part of a community that is honoring Dr.E so passionately.

Hougan Matt of Good Luck - A Kansas City Conjure Shop set up a Memorial Fund in Dr.E's honor to help offset the impending medical and funeral costs.
I have to say I am beyond impressed with the outpouring of monetary gifts as well as messages left for Dr.E's family in this emotionally tough time.

I would like to take the time to ask anyone who reads this blog post, if you can find it in your heart to donate (no amount is too big or small) please do. And if you personally can't, Please share this Dr.E Memorial Fund
link on your Facebook, Twitter, etc...

Let's honor Dr. E in the way he deserves.

He served all that knew him, that loved him. It's time to return the favor.

                                                                Dr.E Memorial Fund

A Wonderful Video Tribute to Dr. E
*not mine*

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Memorial Submissions for Dr. E

A blog piece by Michele Jackson on Dr. E

*my own personal light set for Dr. E on my Blessings Altar along with the first bottle of oil that he gifted me at the 2013 workshops, for my blog posts and workings with St. Expedite*

While the world, the community, family, and friends of Dr. E mourn the loss of a legend, his Ancestors and Heaven just gained one.

I am beyond blessed and fortunate that I knew Dr. E personally and professionally, and to have been able to share a brief part of his life too. A beautiful human being whom I will never forget.
PantheaCon and the Workshops at LMCC will definitely be hard to attend knowing that I won't be seeing much less photographing that smiling face again... I will go because I know he wouldn't want anyone stopping their life just because he was no longer in it.
*cue the waterworks*

Thank You Dr. E .... Thank You for being you, Thank You for all your help, Thank You for your kindness, Thank You for your wisdom. Thank You for making me a better conjure worker. Thank You for making me a better person.

Thank You for being You.

And I would also like to give a BIG Thank You to "Momma E" and Clayton.
Thank You both for sharing this extraordinary man with us all.

Rest in Peace my dear friend.. I will see you on the other side.

Coastside Conjure 

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