Sunday, January 26, 2014

It's that time again! *2014 Hoodoo Heritage Festival*


Hot Dayum! It's that time again!

Yes folks... That once a year gathering of some of the BEST in the conjure biz.
Registration is now open and the pricing simply cannot be beat!

2 Fun Filled days of non stop "Hoodoo Higher Learning".

This is where the "Spiritual Elite" come to teach, commune, and have fun!

There will be a bevy of talented readers on site to give you answers to your life's questions, as well as the Lucky Mojo Curio Co. store for you to shop at in between or after classes.

This is definitely a weekend NOT to miss!

Photos of past Workshops can be found here:

See you there!

*Dr. E at the 2013 Hoodoo Heritage Festival Workshops
giving Diloggun Readings*
Rise in Power!

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  1. I am as excited as you. I went last year and loved just loved every minute of it. I will for sure be there this year. My eyes are like a hawk waiting for the plane tickets from Los Angeles to San Francisco to drop and then it's on...I look forward to remembering Dr. E, he was such a light in the physical plane and I'm sure he's a star in spirit! Looking forward to all the workshops. I'm excited!!!