Sunday, October 6, 2013

*Contest Time* October "Spooktacular" Conjure Store Feature: The Mystic Dream

The Mystic Dream

Trick or Treats! *yes, Treats!*

Oh man... where to start with this shop? I get so dang excited visiting this place, I need a "Spiritual Valium" just to calm down!

Appropriately named and an equally enchanting space. You almost expect fairy dust to be sprinkled from the ceiling when you walk through that magical glass door.

Located in downtown Walnut Creek, California, it is owned and operated by 3 very talented individuals; all practicing different Pagan Paths.

I was extremely fortunate to lunch with 2 of them at P.F. Chang's yesterday for great food and amazing conversation.

"The Spiritual Trinity" as I will call them consist of Chas Bogan, Devin Hunter, and Storm Faerywolf; these 3 will be represented on my blog in a Feature posting... for now, I am going to focus on their unique Occult Shop.

For those that tune in on my Facebook Page, the Mary Queen of Angels Oracle Cards that I post daily were obtained from The Mystic Dream. They are the only occult store in the Bay Area with the most decks in stock. Oracle, Tarot, etc.

My "Mother Mary card pull of the day" cards courtesy of  The Mystic Dream

I am both lucky and blessed to have not only met these "Fabulous 3".... but to be conveniently minutes away from their store. 
Some days it's GREAT to be me ;)

This Halloween season (Samhain for others), I decided to pay the "frightfully fine folks" at The Mystic Dream to see their latest and greatest in "Hocus Pocus-ville".

Welcome! Come on in!

Decks as far as the eye can see... unfortunately my camera cut most of them off :(

The Library!

Candles, Herbs, Incense, Waters, Statuary, Gemstones, Tarot & Oracle Cards Galore... Crystal Balls, Jewelry, Curios, In Store Lay Away, and a library to die for!

I am especially excited for this month's blog prize giveaways! YES in honor of "The Spiritual Trinity" I am giving away 3 nifty gifties!... *Drum Roll please*

A HUGE Thank You goes out to The Mystic Dream for generously donating a Javamancy Board made by Chas Bogan. Famous for his exquisite "Talking Boards".

This piece is equally  ethereal. 

The second prize is a deck of the Tiny Tarot! 
Incredibly cute and portable for the reader on the go :)

The third prize is the Zombie Tarot! Incredibly appropriate for Halloween I think :)

Onto the "Rules":

You all know the "rules" but in case you don't, all you need to do is share this blog post on your Facebook and tell me that you did by writing "shared" on my *status update* I will provide; ultimately leads one to win the very fabulous Javamancy Board, The Tiny Tarot, or The Zombie Tarot!

The Winners of this blog contest will be announced Oct. 18th.

Best of Luck "Guys & Ghoul's"!

*formally Love Potion #9*

Additional photos of the shop can be found here: The Mystic Dream
Find them on Facebook @

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