Friday, April 19, 2013

Thank You St. Expedite!!!

Glory Be to St. Expedite!!!

This post is a HUGE Shout Out to St. Expedite publicly thanking him for working a seemingly impossible miracle for me.

I was chosen for a very high profile job that is not only a Full Time position but a Permanent one! I have been working contract jobs for the last 5 years or so and as everyone knows... this economy is brutal, thus the job market mirrors that.

So what does one do when blessed with such a gift from St. Expedite??....

One runs back out to the store to buy more pound cake and flowers of course!

Red Roses this time for granting my request... a Dozen!


Forget the 6 pre sliced cakes.... this called for a Family Sized loaf!

Well... I am so dang happy that should anyone be around in the next few hours and want to do their "good deed" for the day, I will need to be peeled off the ceiling later ;)


Love Potion #9


  1. Very happy for you!
    I´ve just found this site and it´s fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.
    St. Expedite is one of my favourite Saints. He is very generous and He´s always listened when you pray. I love him so much.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience with Saint Expedite. I, too, am a contractor and understand your excitement about landing a PERMANENT full time job! Congratulations.

  3. Thank you for this site. And blessings on your new security.

  4. Thank you st. expedite for always helping me and my family.Marilyn

  5. Thank you dear st.expedite for always helping me and my family.Marilyn

  6. Good day..Thank you for this site.Anyway,I just wanna share.I was in desperate need of money 4 days ago.I was very stressed.I closed the door and prayed to st.expedite sincerely with the "You lay in rest prayer ",I cried and asked his help hoping he would grant my request.It ended there and before that day ends,My aunt who was in other country called me and solved my financial problem.I was very very happy and so I promised that I would thank st.expedite to many networking sites. I will post and share to the people that he is indeed helping me,not only to me but to a lot of people.St.expedite is really helping people who are in desperate need.It doesn't matter if what religion you are in as long as you believe in him and you are sincere with your prayers.St.expedite has been helping me in a lot of ways and every time I prayed to him,he always answered my prayers.If someone out here is in need,don't hesitate to pray to st.expedite because he is so powerful that he grant your wishes BUT be sure to give him a thank you afterwards once your prayers is granted.But please don't ask for anything that could hurt someone because it is not good.have faith and trust ST.EXPEDITE because I know he will HELP you.Marilyn

  7. Thank you st.expedite.Everything turns out to be successful.You had always been my refuge.You are so wonderful.You always helped me.Thank you very much.If you know st.expedite,please don't hesitate to call him because he is great.He really helps people who are desperate.Whatever your needs and problem maybe,he can help you.He is great.I am so proud of st.expedite.

  8. hello...!Thank you st.expedite for today's blessings.I feel so blessed and super happy.Thank you dear st.expedite for helping me and my family.Thank you very much...

  9. Today,me and my family was overwhelmed with so much happiness and gratitude to st.expedite...Thank you very much dear st.expedite for the help and support of my prayers and wishes.My daughter is top 10 in their 3rd grading.she was top 11 in the 2nd grading...I am so proud of her...Thank you st. expedite for all the support and help you extended to my family...I am so proud of you st.expedite.You are always helping us...Thank you very much....

  10. thank you st.expedite for helping us.they arrived safely.

  11. Thank you St. Expedite for your help throughout these years. I am eternally grateful to you for all you have done for me and the service you provide for others. Thank you for coming through when needed the most and I praise and thank you for your kindness and efficiency and service!

    Carla Maria C