Thursday, April 18, 2013

St. Expedite Feast Day Preparations

Oh St. Expedite!.... One of my more favorite Saints to work with :) And such an interesting blog post this is going to be....

Before I delve into my story here, for those just tuning in or whom are not familiar with this particular Saint, his history, or how to work with him, I have provided links to past postings here:

Ok.. onto my story.

So, as I have recently posted here on my blog and Facebook, I am in the process of moving. In doing so I have had to box up all my "Hoodoo" and Dear God I did not know how I was going to survive the withdraw from not having my candles, oils, powders, statues, etc... But that is a whole other blog post entirely. One that would definitely qualify me as a "rehab" patient. No one warned me of the addiction to Hoodoo... ;)

Knowing that St. Expedite's Feast Day was fastly approaching I started to get into panic mode because I had packed away my beloved Saint and all his paraphernalia. Gasp!

Feeling out of sorts and needing some guidance on the situation as I wanted and felt so strongly to observe and serve St. Expedite on his day, I called on Papa Newt to give me some suggestions on how to honor him when I didn't have a proper altar set up.

When in a pinch, I was told that even just an image or a prayer card will do. A glass of water, some flowers, a small candle, some Sara Lee pound cake. I always have a nice laminated St. Expedite Prayer Card in my wallet at all times so I went to fish that out and place it on a table that would become an altar to him that day.

Interestingly enough as I was talking to Papa Newt describing the card to him, I felt that I needed to send him that very card and buy 3 new ones. So that is what I did. Interestingly enough, after posting pics of these laminated beauties, 2 people came forth inquiring about where I got them and if I could send them one?

2 more folks will have this very card in a few days for their own. When St. Expedite "talks"... You listen!
He is one that LOVES to have as much publicity as possible and I will gladly oblige him :)

Well, the heavens opened up and answered my prayer because I got a call from my old roommate asking me if I could come watch her dog and house sit for the next 5 days as she will be out of state visiting family.
I took this as a "sign" from St. Expedite that he has facilitated a way for me to observe his Feast Day in the way I wanted to :)

So... I "unearthed" him, his shrine box I made him, his photos, anointing oil, and various offerings. And of course, I had to head up to my favorite conjure shop Lucky Mojo to get a St. Expedite vigil candle!

I LOVE how they Bless and Dress their candles at Lucky Mojo Curio Co

And St. Expedite got to ride "shotgun" on the way home

I couldn't wait to get back to the house and set everything up. Let me tell you.. I can't even describe the AHHHH feeling I got when setting up his altar. It was as comforting as wrapping up in a warm fuzzy blanket on a cold day.

Then the "excavating" began... Yet he was surprisingly easy to find. I knew just where he was packed away at.
*my trunk of Hoodoo goodies*

and the set up begins....

Freshly laundered red altar cloths

Fresh Flowers
I chose yellow as it is one of his favorite colors; I reserve red roses for "payment" after he has granted my petition. My own personal preference.

My statue, shrine box, and mineral & curio offerings

All put together along with a glass of water, a 4 inch offertory candle to be lit and consumed on his Feast Day (April 19th.), and Sara Lee Pound Cake to follow on the empty plate you see here.

In case you are not able to honor St. Expedite or dedicate a small altar to him on your own but would like to petition him, Papa Newt can be contacted to place your petition on his altar he has made available to anyone in need by either clicking on his name posted above or you can contact him at: to email him your petition directly.

Link to Papa Newt's St. Expedite Feast Day Event:!/events/521776541212077/

Get your petitions in folks! It's Free! But be sure to pay St. Expedite should he come through for you!
If you don't, he has been known to take what he has given you and then some. Yikes!

Links have been provided above for further information should you need it :)

Happy Hoodoo"ing"!

Glory Be to St. Expedite!

Love Potion #9

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