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*Double Contest Time* Working with St. Expedite and Product of the Month

*It's Contest Time*
Share this on your Facebook and let me know that you did, to enter a chance to win either my Product of the Month: "The Magical Power of the Saints" book & Lucky Mojo All Saints Incense Powder OR a Custom St. Expedite spiritual working by Papa Newt!
*No purchase Necessary*

 Yay! Contest time once again boys and girls!... This month I am going to be merging 2 contests into 1 due to the fact I am currently in the relocation process (read: packing & moving). So I won't be able around my blog much this month.
Sorry for that!

However I wanted to make that up to y'all with 2 exciting give aways :)

First up is a custom St. Expedite spiritual working performed by conjure worker Papa Newt!

In honor of St. Expedite's Feast Day on April 19th and for coming through for me once again, I wanted to offer this to someone who may be in need of a ritual performed on their behalf.

I have personally had a St. Expedite working done by Papa Newt just recently when my car took a dive. It was in the shop costing some serious bank roll and I didn't know how I was going to pay for it. So he stepped in and created a customized ritual working petitioning St. Expedite on my behalf.

Well IT WORKED. I can't Thank St. Expedite and Papa Newt enough!

Of course, when St. Expedite comes through for you whether it be that you petitioned him on your own or someone does it for you on your behalf, you must pay this Saint for answering your request.

And I did... Happily :)

*Previous posting on St. Expedite can be found here: Miracles Fast!*!/Papa.Newt?fref=ts

I have worked with St. Expedite in the past with mixed results, but was in no shape to really calm down and focus in order to work with him on my own. Seeing as Papa Newt has had a long standing working relationship with St. Expedite, I knew that I had picked the right spiritual worker to work on my behalf.
Here are some St. Expedite "basics" from Papa Newt:

1) How did you first come across St. Expedite and why did you choose him to work with?

The first time I found St. Expedite was while preparing for Confirmation in my teen years of Catechism. To prepare for this ritual we had to research, and select a Saint's name. In the various books I've read – I believe that it was in a book not provided by the church -- is where information about St. Expedite was first found.
However, St. Expedite did not come back into my life again until my mid-20s during a very difficult time. It was then when his swiftness in helping with situations was made known to me. Because of his great help I decided to dedicate a little space to honor him, and the relationship has grown from there.

2) Describe your experiences working with and relationship with this particular Saint.

In the early days of developing a working relationship with him was bumpy at first. It was like learning to ride a bike for the first time!
When one starts to work with spirits, such as the Saints, you begin to understand their dynamic presence. Really begin to realize the Saints are much more than their images. There is a personality. Likes and dislikes. There was a whole new level that was never taught in Catechism!
St. Expedite has graciously helped in times of financial difficulties, make it possible to have a car in order to keep a job, and so many more blessings. He is truly a wonderful ally.

3) What are the common misconceptions when working with St. Expedite?

One misconception is that St. Expedite will do any job he is petitioned with. This is not so. St. Expedite can and will not accept a petition, especially if what is requested is not something that was strongly needed.

4) Does he come through for you all the time? If not, what are the possible reasons why he didn't?

There have been times St. Expedite has not come through for me personally. It sure was discouraging, however, looking back I was coming from a place of fear and did not see the options I had readily available. It was important to learn this so I wasn't using the Saint as a crutch. One must learn to live their own life.

5) How do you "repay" St. Expedite when he comes through for you and/or your Clients? and how important is it that you do that in a timely manner?

The first payment I will always do is tell others about St. Expedite and publicly thank him for his help. This has been done through the newspaper as well as posting it through Social Networks and forums. He sure does like the attention!
After doing that I will give him a fixed red glass encased candle. Holes are pocked into the wax then a little St. Expedite Oil dripped into the holes, and prayed over. A couple slices of pound cake. I like to give him three. Then lastly flowers for his altar.

In more recent years, I have had the blessed opportunity to travel down to New Orleans for the past three years for the Folk Magic Festival. With each visit a “pilgrimage” is made to the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church to thank him for the blessings he has provided.

How important is it to “repay” St. Expedite in a timely manner? VERY important. This cannot be stressed enough. As he has swiftly came to your aid, so to shall you be swift in payment promised.

6) What advice would you give someone who is contemplating working with St. Expedite?

This was mentioned above and is always worth repeating. Be prompt in your payment to St. Expedite. I have seen to many not keep their word, and the miracle be taken away just as quickly as it arrived. Your word is your bond, and only promise that which you can keep.
Be respectful and polite while petitioning. I have met a few folks who would yell at and demand St. Expedite to work for them. Yet they wonder why their petition would never be answered.
Petition St. Expedite when you really NEED a rapid solution to a difficult problem when no other options are available.
Ask for one favor at a time.

Take some time and get to learn more about St. Expedite. Lucky Mojo has a great page on him. Dr. E has written a wonderful blog post, and Momma Starr has some great info on her page as well as in her Candle Burning book.
Thank You Papa Newt for your time and knowledge on St. Expedite and your generosity in participating in this blog post contest!

Have questions for Papa Newt?

OK... in keeping with the "Saint-ly" theme, this month I chose both "The Magical Power of The Saints" by Reverend Ray T. Malbrough paired with Lucky Mojo All Saints Incense Powder!

I knew this was going to be a Give Away item right away when I posted a photo of the book I had just purchased on one of my many pilgrimages to the Lucky Mojo Curio Co.

There was quite a bit of "fan fare" surrounding this book and I asked the question if people would like to see it as a Give Away on the blog, which was met with a unanimous YES!

So here it is... the book and some really super fabulous incense to go with it :)

Should you want to work with St. Expedite on your own, he can be found on page 26 in the book

A package of Lucky Mojo "All Saints" incense powder is also included as not all Saints have their own line of "goods" or some may be hard to come by. This way, you can cover them all, or just the one(s) you are petitioning.
Quoting Sister Robin of Lucky Mojo Curio Co. she depicts it as "Being the 409 of Saints"

Well there you have it folks!

2 Contests.... 2 winners to be announced 4/13/2013

Normally I would run my contests for 2 weeks, but as I have said before I am in the process of moving and I also wanted the winners to have time to prepare their petitions/rituals in time for St. Expedite's Feast Day.

Onto the "Rules":
You all know the "rules" but in case you don't, all you need to do is share this blog post on your Facebook and tell me that you did by writing "shared" on my status update I will provide; ultimately leads one to win this very fabulous package of All Saints Incense and The Magical Power of The Saints" book from Lucky Mojo Curio Co OR a custom St. Expedite spiritual working from Papa Newt!

Best of Luck to everyone who enters to win these very special prizes!

Love Potion #9


  1. Thank you Love Potion #9 for having Papa Newt as a guest on your blog. I really enjoyed reading it. His insight in regards to Saint Expedite was not only informative but inspiring as well. Again thanks for sharing and many blessings to you all:)
    Lady Muse from House of Self Empowerment

  2. I am so glad you liked the post! I will be featuring Papa Newt on a more personal level as a Practitioner in a few months :)
    Thanks so much for your kind words!