Tuesday, March 12, 2013

*Contest Time* Product of the Month: Lucky Mojo Spirit Guide Incense & Mystifying Mints

*It's Contest Time*
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This month I chose Lucky Mojo's "Spirit Guide" incense powder for my Product of the Month.

Why you might ask? Good question! There had been some "hoopla" on Facebook just recently going around about Ouija or "Talking Boards", their use, and the "taboo" behind them.

I have heard stories of people playing around with them and inviting "trickster spirits" into their homes thus wreaking havoc for them and their families. Also some people trying to rid or dispose of their boards, only to find them back on their front doorstep.

I cannot confirm the validity of these claims, only that these were things I had heard over the years and just recently on Facebook.

I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Chas Bogan of The Mystic Dream in Walnut Creek, Ca. to discuss the common misconceptions surrounding these boards.

Chas is a "Talking Board" aficionado. If there was anyone who would know about them, it's Chas!
He also makes them. They are really a work of art! But that is an entirely different blog post to come...

Although I personally do not have any experience with using a Ouija or Talking Board, I do hold a high respect for their use. And also recognize that with everything Hollywood churns out to make a buck, that quite a bit of the stigma attached to these boards can be quite theatrical.

If you go looking for trouble, you will most definitely find it. That's my philosophy anyway.
In no way am I saying that bad things can't and don't happen when using tools of this nature. You can trip yourself up with just about anything if done wrong or carelessly.

Personally, If I was doing works of this nature (calling upon Spirit or Ancestors) I would use Lucky Mojo's Spirit Guide Incense powders to attract the right one(s) to me.
While I will be doing a separate blog piece on The Mystic Dream here soon, I just had to quell my curiosity on the subject as well as offer a product that could be used with or without a board to help you get in touch with your Ancestors or anyone who you call upon to communicate with.

Though I will be offering a Ouija Tin of mints to go with the incense :)

*Sorry about getting a little side tracked there*

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Winner will be chosen March 23, 2013

Best of Luck and Thanks so much for reading :)

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