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*Contest Time* PantheaCon 2013

*It's Contest Time*
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WOW... Where to begin with this blog posting.

2013 was my very first trip to PantheaCon and after getting to experience it, it will not be my last!

Not only did I get to give my Visa card a work out, I also got to meet up and meet new friends in the process :) It really is a "Who's Who" of the Metaphysical Arts.

Ironically my teacher and mentor Cat Yronwode was there along with Nagasiva and I missed them completely. I feel like an idiot *facepalm*

I wasn't able to attend the whole weekend, but as always, I had snapped a ton of pics as well as contributing to the economy in a positive way. Supporting the Small Businessman.

While on my excursion, I was fascinated by what the various vendors had to offer in classes and goods.

I took Storm Faerywolf's (The Mystic Dream) "Witchcraft at the Crossroads" seminar which I found interesting as this was very different than Hoodoo; this was the teaching within the Blue Rose Faery Practices.

Also I attended Dr. E's ( "Circle of Bones" in which we got to participate in a holy ceremony to communicate with the Ancestors and receive assistance and love from the dead. Very Moving class! Khi Armand (Conjure in the City) was a presenter as well!

I even had the blessing to get a reading from Mary K Greer herself! If you don't know who Mary Greer is, she is an A MAY ZING Lenormand Reader and I had to come back another day just to get an appointment with her... She is that good!

The really exciting part to my weekend at PantheaCon was hunting for "conjure goodies". And what a hunt it was!

I was fortunate enough that some of my favorite vendors were there with their goods for me to add to my Blog Prize Pack. This will be the biggest and most diverse give away yet!

My usual prizes are most always Hoodoo-centric but this time it will be a varied assortment of Magic/Hoodoo/Voodoo, etc. I am really excited about this one :) and so very grateful for the vendors who were on board and are supportive of this blog and the contest.
*these are people I know personally and can vouch for their products/services*

A HUGE Thank You to you all! This has been a wonderful blessing to me that I get to pass on to someone else :)

Now onto the pics!

Oh some of the people you will see at these conventions... I met "The Flying Spaghetti Monster"!

He gifted me this ribbon. And for the record, I was not touched by ANY appendage.

Found: "The Green Bible"
brought in by The Sacred Well

more yummy herbs and stones from The Sacred Well

"Merlin" and his dragon

this little dragon came scurrying out from behind a book I was reading... darn near gave me a heart attack!

Docteur Cæli D'Anto's hand made personal Grimoire

Lucky Mojo in tha HOUSE!
brought in by:

Simply AMAZING product line from Kitchen Witch Gourmet
*Her Tea's are out of this world!*

A favorite sign of mine :) by: Hoodoo Roots

I was there :) Till next year!

and now the moment you all have been waiting for... The Prize Pack

This year's PantheaCon Prize Pack consists of the following:

Voodoo Doll from

Wishing Mist from

Filthy Rich Money Draw Oil from

Fourth Pentacle of Mercury Amulet from

Seeds of Hope (Yellow Mustard Seeds), Hot & Sultry Passion Spice, and Ready Spaghetti Cooking Spice from

Pot o' Gold candle from

Bliss Bath from

Unakite Turtle stone from

and a pair of Divining Rods from

Thank You so much to all these wonderful vendors and their amazing products for this PantheaCon Blog Posting!

I had wayyyy too much fun that weekend that is for sure! And cannot wait to see what next year's festivities hold :) I will make a point to attend the full weekend as 2 days clearly was not enough for me.

Next stop... ConjureCon in Santa Cruz!

You all know the "rules" but in case you don't, all you need to do is share this blog post on your Facebook and tell me that you did by writing "shared" on my status update I will provide; ultimately leads one for a chance to win the PantheaCon Prize Pack.

Winner of this epic contest will be announced March 29, 2013

Best of luck to you all!

Love Potion #9

*Note: ALL Photographs were obtained with permission from Vendors/people pictured*

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