Tuesday, July 1, 2014

For Problems Solved... Press "N" for Newt

The past month (Retrograde was 50 Shades of SUCK) was seriously unbearable.

Hit with starting a new job only to find out that after 9 days of employment, we are on a Monthly paycheck basis. 
Aside from Teachers, I do not know who gets paid like that anymore. 
It was not stated in my interviews, on my offer letter, or in my Employee Manual (weird). 
Believe me, I looked! 
Taking for granted that I would be paid every 2 weeks like the rest of the employed free world (sans Teachers).

Living off of very limited funds for 30 days was a very humbling experience.

Fast forward to July 1st.

After a 30 Day "Financial Fasting", I was more than ready for some "Dead Presidents" to make their way into my bank. 
My checking account resembled Kate Moss... "anorexic".

Sadly my Direct Deposit did not go in at all this morning to which then the feeling of panic set in. 
Rent and Bills are due... Like NOW.

Having had work done by him in the past that garnered some really impressive results, I naturally called my good friend and esteemed colleague Papa Newt.

This guy has Saint workings in spades! 
He is my Go-To Guy for my St. Expedite workings, questions, and needs. Seriously, I think they were brothers in another lifetime.
He is popular in the Conjure Community for working with St. Expedite, though he pulled out the big guns today and had St. Jude's ear bent too.

By the time 10 am rolled around, I had a live check on my desk to deposit into my starving bank account.
And can I just tell you that not only was my bill money there, but that it was delivered by the HOTTEST man in the office... Possibly the planet.
*needed a cold shower after that exchange*
I may need one after I'm done with this blog post...

ANYWAY, I wanted to give Papa Newt a shout out and a HUGE Thank You to him and Saints Jude & Expedite whom he petitioned on my behalf.

You guys ROCK!

Papa Newt can be found at Good Luck a Kansas City Conjure Shop working right along side Mambo Julie who is equally Awesome!
*just LOVE her*

More on her and the shop in a future blog post :)

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